Penguin Hooded Baby Towel

Look what I made!

Penguin Baby Towel

Well I think he’s cute! Even if I do say so myself 😛

The idea came from the brand new magazine, Love Sewing (
I followed their easy instructions for their adorable Penguin Bath Towel in Issue 1. They also show you how to make a cute matching penguin toy – but to be honest I just wanted the towel!

The project went quite well. I started off gathering the materials needed; what’s really great about this sew is that it costs next to nothing – it’s all about upcycling. I only had to buy a white flannel – I picked up a pack of three of the softest ones I’ve ever seen in 99p Stores.

I began by cutting all the bits out using the templates included in the magazine. No need for resizing; I was very happy!

All pieces for penguin baby bath towel ready to sew

So, all pieces ready, I started stitching the face together. And it went OK, with only one problem – my sewing machine’s needle bent! So that was a pain, but lesson learned… use a thicker needle when stitching through layers of towelling!

Penguin's eyes ready to go Penguin's eyes in place

Now that the eyes were done, the next stage was to bind the edges with bias tape. This meant either I had to order some and wait a few days, or travel to a shop, which I couldn’t do immediately – or make my own. So, I decided to take the plunge and make my own. I’ve only done this once before – for those cute dresses I made – so I’m no expert. But it was quite straightforward. The only problem was, the magazine didn’t state anything about the size of the tape needed, so I just didn’t really think about it and made 1″ single fold tape. Well, if you are reading this and want to make this towel – use wider tape!! It was too narrow; folding it over was fiddly. But, it did work OK in the end; it would have just been a lot easier with a tape measuring an inch wider. Once again, lesson learned! I have to say, the magazine didn’t even have the tape in its list of things you will need… see, it’s where I have to use my own brain that things go wrong!

Right, next I added the beak, and the face came to life.

Penguin face all stitched on

Then all that was left was to attach the hood to the main towel, round off the corners and awkwardly attach more of that tiny bias binding all the way around. Just one more lesson was learned here – check your bobbin has enough thread in to get you all the way around… I was happily sewing along and got all the way down one side before realising I’d only actually stitched a few inches at the top! Grrrrr – time to start all over again with that fiddly tape!!

Anyway, I got there in the end, with only one final problem…

Almost finished penguin baby towel Bias binding mistake

Which was obviously due to the bias tape being too narrow…!! But a little improvisation and you’d never know…

Penguin Baby Towel Finished penguin face Finished penguin face close up

I hope you like it and maybe it will inspire you to make your own if you are a Love Sewing reader. You should be able to make it with no mistakes now that I have pointed the obvious ones out!!

Beth x

10 thoughts on “Penguin Hooded Baby Towel

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  3. Brilliant Beth. Adorable 🙂 What most impressed me was the making of bias binding….wow never have I done that myself. I am impressed.
    Can’t wait until your next posting to see your next creation. Go girl 🙂
    Mum x


  4. Very cute–I love it! And I’ve totally done that with the bobbin, too–I usually sew during my kids’ naptime, which is also my one chance to watch TV, and there have been a few times I’ve been too distracted to notice that I’ve run out of thread until I’ve finished “sewing” an entire side of something! I’m glad I’m not the only one! 🙂


  5. He looks well cute!
    Well done, love the way talked us through the steps you went through, and included plenty of photos.
    I’m just wondering whether I need a hooded towel to dry down my cats after they’ve been in the rain 😉 lol.

    Rose xx


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