Dress Refashion: Giving a boring grey dress a cute lease of life

Hi πŸ™‚ Below is my latest masterpiece…

Dress Refashion

OK, OK, I cheated. I didn’t make the whole dress. I started with this:


A plain grey dress, from my local car boot sale. I love the style and fit and it’s so comfortable – but it looks boring. It’s not just plain but it’s grey. My daughter wears grey to school. Enough said!

So I thought I would buy it anyway and jazz it up a bit. I ummed and ahhed for a couple of weeks over what best to do, but I knew I wanted to add something around the neckline.

Then a few days ago I had a lightbulb moment and dashed off to dig out this old dress that I like – but really it’s too big for me so I don’t wear it a lot. I love the neckline. I think it’s cute a looks a bit vintage-y – which I can do in small doses!


It was obvious to me what the best thing to do would be. Cut off the pretty neck piece and whack it on the boring dress! (Luckily the neckline is the same shape.) So that’s what I did. It wasn’t even as fiddly unpicking all the delicate material as I expected it to be. Once unpicked I had this:


I wasn’t going to bother putting anything on the arms, but once I had attached the neckline part I thought it didn’t quite look finished so I unpicked the bobbly strips around the arms and stitched them on too!

Dress Refashion

I’m pretty impressed with myself. The reason for that is that I did it all by hand, and usually I like to machine sew. I always thought it’s just more fun. But actually, once I got started hand stitching this on, I found it rather relaxing and not as frustrating as I expected (I like the speed of the machine; I like to see my makes finished as quickly as possible, and hand sewing just takes longer!)

Dress Refashion

I do like simple little refashions like this. I will wear the dress a lot now it’s not so boring! I would love to upcycle clothes more adventurously in the future; I love how you can turn an old item into something new and pretty and fresh.

Beth x

7 thoughts on “Dress Refashion: Giving a boring grey dress a cute lease of life

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  2. Beth, I love this dress upcycle! What an awesome idea! I think the collar actually looks better on your new dress than it did on the original! Nice work! Keep on ‘bloggin’
    I just wanted to let you know that I will be posting a new “Book Safe” project soon, If you liked the first one you’ll love this one more! Please stop by again soon!
    Bridget ;>}


    • Thanks a lot. I do really like it! I want to do it again! But will have to buy another dress with pretty bits on just to take it apart haha.
      I did think your book safe was great, I’m following you to see the next one (and any other creations!)


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