Snuggly Taggie-Style Blanket

I love having children. Kids’ stuff is so much fun to sew. It’s quick, and it’s (usually) pretty easy. And it doesn’t require much fabric so you can raid your stash and get started straight away!

Recently I jumped on the “Taggies” bandwagon. I love these little blankets. Basically they’re little baby-sized blankets with silky labels (ribbons) stuck out. If you don’t have children yourself it will look quite random but the thing is, babies simply love playing with those little tags!

I discovered Taggies when my first was too old for one, so when my next little bundle came along I thought I will definitely get her one. Well… I don’t know why but I didn’t!! She is a thumb sucker and LOVES LOVES LOVES anything soft. When she sees something soft, she will instantly stick her thumb in her mouth and snuggle it with her other hand. So sweet! So, getting to the point… I made her a snuggly “taggie”!


One side is that lovely birdie print, and the other is the most softest, snuggliest touchy-feely fabric I’ve (probably) ever felt. I used it on the face of my penguin baby towel, which I use a lot. My little one knows the face is snuggly so she just tries to grab it – which is of course part of the hood, so it doesn’t make the task of drying very easy….


So basically, it’s two rectangles of fabric stitched together with little ribbon loops caught in the middle. If you sew, it’s hardly rocket science to figure out how to make it. I know I’m certainly not the only blogger to write about a handmade taggie-style creation!

Sewing ribbons on taggie

What I will say, though, is although it’s a simple sew, it is a bit time-consuming trying to pin all those loops on and making sure they stay in place. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, so I was quite happy when 99% of them behaved themselves. You can see the tiny black ribbon in the corner completely slipped out of place, though. That’s annoying. But it’s kind of cool because it looks like it’s meant to be like that, to form a little hanging loop unlike the other loops… if that makes any sense…


My taggie-style blanket turned out to be a lot cheaper than the real deal (they sell for £10+!). I used about a quarter of a fat quarter that cost £1, one snuggly face flannel (too soft to use as a flannel I think!) from a pack of 3 for 99p, and lots of little offcuts from the ribbons I have collected over the years! It was a bargain and we love it 🙂


So, if you sew and have babies, or know babies, you will find it hard to think of a reason not to make a blanket like this one evening!

4 thoughts on “Snuggly Taggie-Style Blanket

  1. That photo of your toddler snuggling a book is just adorable! Bless her heart! I still feel a strong urge to suck my thumb whenever I feel cold fabric, although I usually resist the urge in public! I also jumped in this bandwagon last year, when my then-baby was at the age of enjoying ribbons. It’s funny reading what you said about these kinds of toys – I said very similar things at the time too! Cheap, quick and fun!


    • Haha! She is crazy, honestly, she tries to snuggle any teeny scrap of soft material. Even slippers!! So this has been such a fantastic addition to my changing bag for times a bit of comfort is needed on an outing.
      Thanks for the link to your post! If I was blogging when my firstborn was little I would have also written about her love of labels! You really don’t need expensive toys, do you.


  2. Could you not run up a few and sell them on eBay? If you can make them cheaply I would have thought they would sell well at anything under shop retail price? Mum x


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