My Brigitte Dress is Famous!

Yes, I’m famous! (Well, nearly.)

A little photo of my Simple Sew Brigitte dress is in Issue 2 of Love Sewing Magazine.

My Brigitte Dress in Love Sewing Magazine

I know it’s not that big a deal – a lot of bloggers have tutorials etc. in magazines – but for me, just this little photo is something! They chose my dress out of I-don’t-know-how-many, and I feel rather proud.

It came as a nice surprise, as I wasn’t aware that the lovely people at Love Sewing were going to use it; I had only shared the photo on their Facebook wall as a reply to a post.

Simple Sew "Brigitte" Dress

Simple Sew “Brigitte” Dress

Had I known it was going to be published, I would have taken a better photo, but never mind…

The real shame is that they made a little spelling error in my blog name – underneath the photo it reads, ‘White hearts Brigitte by Beth @AftwerDarkSewing’ … AfterDarkSewing*, silly billies!!

my dress in love sewing

So that’s this week’s post; a bit of a change from my usual type where I show off my latest project… I just felt the need to log this momentous occasion!

Beth x

12 thoughts on “My Brigitte Dress is Famous!

    • 😀 Well I’m proud to have sold a copy of the mag if that’s the case! You should make something and send in a photo…. Although I have a feeling they’re going to be inundated with photos now!


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