Adorable Toddler Dungarees

I finally got round to making a pair of dungarees for my toddler (who I may add is a REAL toddler now she’s walking – hooray!) – these have been on my to-sew list for a couple of months!

Dungarees Collage 2

I’m not going to do a tutorial for two reasons: 1) I’m no expert, and 2) You can download the (free!) pattern and follow the instructions here on Made By Toya’s blog if you’re interested!

I’m so happy with how they turned out. In the past I have made bad fabric choices, but I chose this cute baby cord fabric and it turned out to be perfect for the job. They’re not the hardest wearing dungarees ever, but I didn’t want to sew with a chunky, heavy fabric. I wanted them to be nice and light for summer; and they are 🙂


The cutting out process took aaaaages. There were so many little pieces! I think there were twenty altogether. I don’t enjoy cutting out. I want to get stuck in with the construction! I did take a photo of all the pieces when I’d finally cut them all out, but I think I deleted it – whoops.

Anyway, that evening I managed to get stuck into sewing. Most of the construction was straightforward and went well, so I was happy.

This may surprise you (because they’re pretty basic, right?) – it was my first time doing pockets! I don’t know why they turned out so small compared to those on the instructions but I think they’re cute! They were easy (not that I feared them before; I’m just new to making clothes), and I will be looking out for patterns with pockets now! I’m pleased with how they all turned out. I will admit though, at first I wasn’t concentrating and starting sewing the top of the pocket closed, haha… out came my trusty unpicker!!

dungarees - pockets

The bodice is lined, which is something I love because you can hide all your seams inside; no need for zigzagging (I don’t have an overlocker). 🙂

I used buttons to fasten the straps, as I know how to do it so didn’t have to learn the skill of snaps – plus I didn’t have to purchase any! And I had these two red heart ones in my button tin so it was meant to be.


The pattern suggests it’ll fit a 2 year old, and I would say that’s about right. My little one is coming up to 16 months, and it fits her well with a little growing room I think – and I did chop a few inches off the hems. I was thankful that we had a little fitting session before I hemmed the legs and added the buttons. I was impressed that the little wriggler stayed still long enough for me to mark the button placement and hems!

dungarees - side view

The fiddliest bit was the hems. They were very narrow; I think because I chopped those few inches off it made it difficult because the legs taper in slightly. It wouldn’t fit round my machine so it was fiddly trying to sew in a straight line without catching any other fabric underneath. I ended up with two puckers; probably because they were narrower at the top than at the bottom. Instead of trying to unpick and rectify this I thought I’d disguise them by adding in some elastic and creating elasticated hems. I actually like this style more; it looks cute. So those little puckers were a happy mistake!

Elasticated hems on dungarees

The only thing on the whole garment I’m not happy with is the back, at the top. It’s not symmetrical. I noticed this after pressing it in place, but to be honest I couldn’t be bothered to make it more even. I’m really happy with the rest of it so it’ll be OK.

P1070466 P1070475

I tried hard to make sure the hearts were all in straight lines. Usually I play it safe and opt for busy prints, but this whole project was a learning curve for me.


I’m also proud of my topstitching. I enjoy topstitching. As long as everything’s lined up, it tends to go smoothly. I also like the end result; for some reason an item looks a lot neater with a little line of stitching round it.

Although there were lots of little pieces, they all came together really well, and it wasn’t as confusing as it seemed at first. I may even make another pair!

Many thanks to Toya for the pattern, it was great! 🙂

Beth x

16 thoughts on “Adorable Toddler Dungarees

  1. I have just found your gorgeous pattern for the overalls. My granddaughter is 14 months, and as they live in a small town, I thought I would start sewing some clothes for her. I haven’t made clothes for years, only quilts kangaroo bags and dog beds, so here goes. Thank you so much.


  2. This is just so creative. I just recently drug my sewing machine out and learned today I have another great-grandbaby on the way. I’m certainly going to add this to my list of projects. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing your idea.

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  4. These dungarees are so cute, and they look and sound really complex. I’m rather in awe! I love your fabric choice and you did well to get the hearts in straight lines. I’m enjoying moseying round your blog now I’ve discovered it!



    • Thank you so much and thanks for visiting my blog! Although it looks complex it wasn’t really difficult; if you can make a jersey Coco dress you can make these! You should try it before your little one grows up too much – but maybe not with a pink heart fabric! 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂 I really do love them – I’ve put my daughter in them a lot already! Haha 20 pieces does sound scary but believe me it doesn’t even take very long; they’re all little bits and they go together so well. It’s only about half a metre of fabric and a bit of lining! Go for it!! 😀


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