Easy Peasy Crayon Roll

How cute is this?

Crayon Roll

I’ve seen a few of these at craft fairs and suchlike – it’s a crayon roll. It looks simple to make; I added it to my ever-growing ‘to sew’ list a long time ago. Then I noticed the tutorial in issue 4 of Love Sewing magazine (which I keep mentioning here!) and that was enough to encourage me to make one that evening.

My daughter requested it be made in elephant fabric, and if I don’t have enough then it could be made in polka dots. Well, she got what she wanted!

crayon rolls

I’m surprised I haven’t come across them on Pinterest, but I’m sure there must be a tutorial or two floating around somewhere!

It’s basically two rectangles of fabric with another rectangle (that’s been folded in half lengthways) sandwiched in the middle. That shorter rectangle has vertical stitch lines running down it,  attached to the fabric underneath, to store the crayons in.

Crayon Roll

The ribbon is sandwiched in between the layers, so the roll can be wrapped up like a parcel. It rolls up to just the right size to fit in your hand. Perfect for travelling 🙂

crayon roll

crayon roll

It was a very quick and easy project; great for beginners, and those who have little time due to school holidays!

There’s only one little thing I’m slightly annoyed with. It’s that the end ‘pockets’ are smaller than the rest. I blame the instructions for that… if I was concentrating I could have added an extra 1cm to each side to make those pockets bigger. It’s not too bad, though, because narrow crayons do squeeze in there. It just looks uneven!

crayon roll

I was concentrating enough whilst reading the instructions to realise that they didn’t actually instruct to stitch the lines – only mark them. Ha, that’s an example proving you should read the instructions through start to finish before getting stuck in.

I will finish with a photo of my big girl enjoying it. Year 1 at school begins tomorrow… which means I should get more time to sew 😀

Crayon Roll in use

Beth x

15 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Crayon Roll

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  2. Love it! I’ve had one of these on my ‘sewing to do list’ for months, and I just happened to buy a packet of crayons today, so it’s about time I got onto it! Love the fabric choices too 🙂


    • Thank you. This should be motivation to get yours done then! It took me less than 2 hours with plenty of interruptions (if it’s not my girls it’s my partner and the TV, lol).


  3. I love this I saw the pattern in the magazine and immediately thought of you excellent fabric choices 🙂 I need some help with mine if you’d like to lend me a helper 🙂


    • Thank you! I will probably make another one as well because I now need two of everything now that the girls can’t share!! Haha, she can help but be warned, her fabric choices are not always so complimentary… some are a bit crazy!!


    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah I think putting crayons make it look better – you can see what it actually is. Having said that, if other parents are anything like me, they will already own a million crayons. So may prefer not to buy more! Perhaps you could display one or two filled with crayons, but have a pile of empty ones and sell them like that? That’s my initial idea anyway…. Good luck with the fair!!

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