Denim Dress to Skirt Refashion

I’m really happy with my new skirt that I made in only an hour or so.

Denim Skirt Refashion 1

How did I make it such little time? I cheated, of course. (The title kind of gives that away…)

It started life as this:

Denim dress to refashion

I bought this from a car boot sale, with the intention to refashion it into something I’d wear. I like the fabric; it’s lightweight and floaty. But the top half really didn’t do it for me. The skirt section, however, was something I could definitely work with.

Denim dress to refashion

So of course, I chopped the top half off and turned it into a skirt!


To do this, I used a skirt that I own that fits well – and coincidentally is the same length as the skirt part of the dress.

denim skirt

I used the skirt to cut a piece of elastic to the right size; as you can see the skirt will be gathered a bit – just how I like it. This was much easier than measuring myself, which I tend to get wrong somehow!

denim skirt refashion

I sewed the ends of the elastic together securely – then realised it will be on show so really should have used black thread… whoops :/

denim skirt refashion

I [very roughly] hemmed the top of the skirt – this was going to lie underneath the waistband so will not be on show; I just wanted to prevent fraying and keep it looking tidier than zigzag stitch.

denim skirt refashion

Then I was really clever and remembered how to attach elastic in such a way that it gathers evenly around the skirt – without looking it up. OK, it’s not rocket science, but it’s the kind of thing I always have to look up to job my memory! I learned how to do this when making knickers. (Note to self: make more knickers, it’s really fun!) Basically I pinned the elastic at regular intervals, and pulled it tight between the sections when sewing.

denim skirt refashion

I sewed two lines of stitching to ensure the elastic was secure; one at the top and one at the bottom. I bodged parts of the top line because I kept missing the fabric, where the hem wasn’t even. Luckily I had switched to black thread so it’s invisible!

I made a silly mistake. You know how I stitched the edges of the elastic so securely (in blue thread)? I made sure to turn the end that was going to be visible in – and left the other edge raw because it was going to be enclosed anyway. Weeeell, of course I didn’t check which way round I had placed it before stitching it onto the skirt. And, yes, I put it on the wrong way round; the raw edge was on the outside. GRRRRRRR!!!!! Can you feel my frustration?!

denim dress refashion elastic

OK, I have to admit – this was a blessing in disguise. I unpicked most of the blue stitching and turned that raw edge under before stitching it down in black thread. You will see that I left some of the blue stitching there. This is because it was pretty difficult to unpick it. I reverse stitched, for one, and secondly – I kept pulling on the elastic as well as the thread. So I left it at that. I’ll cope with it; life’s too short.

denim dress refashion elastic

So that’s it! I’m really happy with it; it fits perfectly.

Denim Skirt Refashion 2

My boyfriend was really unhelpful – I should give up asking for his opinion because he said he doesn’t like the colour. I didn’t make the colour! Clearly he’s a man. So please tell me that it looks nice!! Anyway I like it and that’s all that counts 🙂

Denim Skirt Refashion 4

The only thing besides the elastic that I can be pernickety about is that the skirt can just about be seen over the elastic in places… but I’m fine with it… This is because I didn’t take enough (OK, any) care and attention in the finishing of the top edge. I want things to be finished too fast!

Denim Skirt Refashion 3

I think I can be hard on myself… but that’s how I learn and progress, I suppose. I am aware that things aren’t going to be PERFECT, but without looking at the mistakes, I won’t know what I need to improve on. Next time I WILL check what way round the elastic is before sewing, and I WILL make sure I finish that top edge more accurately.

Because I’m sure there will be a next time; I love making something new out of something unloved 🙂

Quick, easy and fun denim dress to flippy skirt refashion

Beth x

15 thoughts on “Denim Dress to Skirt Refashion

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  2. It’s great – so much more wearable than the dress would have been. Looks good with black top and tights too. I had to laugh about your antics with the elastic – I have SO done that before!


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