‘Tis the Season…

There’s one month to go until Christmas!! Ahhhhhh!!!

So with preparations for Christmas and various other things going on (AKA life), my spare [sewing and blogging] time seems to be decreasing…

I haven’t got any big dressmaking projects on the go; instead I’m doing little bits and pieces and maybe a few Christmas presents. So I don’t have anything extraordinary to blog about – I am going to share something small with you today, and get you all in the Christmas spirit!

A few of us from my local Children’s Centre teamed together to make Christmas bunting spelling ‘Merry Christmas.’ of course I joined in; I was assigned an ‘r’ in ‘Merry’.

Here’s what I came up with:

Christmas Bauble Bunting

Simple maybe, but I like it.

I loooooove buttons, so tried my best to think of an idea based on them! Now, I am kind of wondering if it actually looks like what it’s meant to look like; baubles hanging in a row (?)

Christmas Bauble Bunting

The baubles’ strings were chainstitched, the little bows were just backstitched, and the felt ‘r’ is of course attached with a blanket stitch.

Christmas Bauble Bunting

I enjoyed decorating this little bunting triangle (I didn’t even have to make the actual triangle!); it was nice to sit down and sew by hand. I really should embroider more. That said, I’m not sure I could be bothered to complete a whole row of bunting like this!

Christmas Bauble Bunting

I’m really looking forward to seeing everybody’s triangles hung up together!

Are you inspired?

Beth x

16 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ It would look as a whole string… a really long row of baubles πŸ™‚ Would you like to order one – it would cost a few hundred Β£s because it’d take me years to make… too much repetition!

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  1. Brilliant Beth. Please can you share a photo of the completed banner? Maybe you should start a banner of your own also doing a letter a Christmas . By the time you are 38 you will have a complete banner!!!!!! Love the buttons πŸ˜„ xx


    • Yes I’ll take a photo of it all hung up together πŸ™‚ Haha yes it would be fun to see how much my sewing skills have improved (I hope) by the time it’s finished! πŸ™‚ x


    • Thank you!! Every now and then I have a creative brainwave! I was stuck for ages on what to do but wanted to use buttons and it suddenly came to me to use them as baubles πŸ˜€ x


  2. My first thought was ooo baubles so yes looks like what it is meant to I think! I also like that it is a bit different to traditional Christmas πŸ™‚


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