The End of Year Sewing Roundup

Back in May I started this blog to catalogue my sewing endeavours.

Now we’re almost at the end of 2014 I think it’s time to take a look back at what I’ve been up to over the last seven months.

I have posted my makes weekly and tried to write up as many as possible – but there are still some that remain unblogged. Some, I will never make a post about. I wouldn’t have time to sleep if I posted about everything. But there are some things I will share in the new year. There are some Christmas presents I have made that I will share once it’s safe to. And I might share the cute little skirts I recently made my daughters, as well as my new Sorbetto top and maybe the fleece that I’m currently sewing my youngest – however I think it’s turning out rather big…

Anyway, I digress. In a nutshell – below I have made a collage of most of this year’s creations.

I had to leave about three of the things I have blogged about off because there weren’t enough squares… and now I can’t remember which ones they were. I do remember there was my cute button lamp (which I still love!) – oh and my hilarious bottle apron!

7 months of sewing collage

Looking at it all together like this is quite satisfying! I’ve made a lot of stuff!

The one main thing I notice is the amount of clothing in there. When I started this blog I hadn’t tried dressmaking. I had just started making clothes for my girls, but it was a very new thing to me – I’d just made the Simplicity dresses out of duvet covers that I mentioned in my first ever post!

And then Love Sewing magazine came about and I started making dresses – the first being the Brigitte Dress! Which has been hung in my wardrobe ever since, haha!! I have learned A LOT over the past few months. I’m really looking forward to my next year sewing!

Purely for the reason of procrastination, here’s a list of the makes so that you can have a nosey if you also have last-minute Christmas prep to put off… [From left to right]

Christmas bunting
Toddler leggings
Noughts and crosses game
Toddler dungarees
Cottage Mama party dress
Rainbow dress (my first and only tutorial!)
Simplicity 1609 tie dye dress
Cottage Mama party dress – the second
Simplicity 1609 – the first
Simple Sew Lottie skirt
Crayon roll
Baby penguin hooded towel
Sew Girl summer tunic
Simple Sew Brigitte dress
Simple Sew Lottie blouse
Love at First Stitch Clemence skirt
Upcycled men’s shirt to dress
Colette Sorbetto
Refashioned dress to girl’s skirt
Refashioned denim dress to skirt
Simple Sew Lottie blouse – the second
Refashioned grey dress
Christmas tree decorations
Great British Sewing Bee baby girl’s dress

Phew! 🙂

Well, my next post will be about my #sewingsanta gift which I am SOOOO excited to open!! 2 more sleeps!!

May I take this opportunity to thank all my lovely readers and followers for reading and following me… thank you for pushing me to sew more and write more. I like it here 🙂


Beth x

10 thoughts on “The End of Year Sewing Roundup

    • Well I’ll take that as a compliment! I only started properly last year yet I’m teaching it in my spare time haha I know :/ I haven’t stopped sewing and learning since I started though!

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  1. I love your simplicity 1609 with the navy collar! It’s great to see all your projects in a post like this – makes you feel like you’ve accomplished loads 🙂 have a great Christmas!


  2. Well done! And such a great idea for a post – I have been thinking of doing an ‘unbloggables’ post for all the things I didn’t manage to post this year but I like your idea of doing a mixture much better – I might just have to copy you!


    • Thank you 🙂 I can’t take all the credit for the idea… I copied it from Louise @ Sew Sensational 😛 You should do it – it’s great to see how productive you’ve been 🙂


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