A Jewellery Wrap and a Make-Up Brush Roll

Here are the last two gifts I made for Christmas 2014 – after this I’m done talking about Christmas!

But you might be inspired for Christmas 2015…

*Warning: Photo Overload!*

First up is my mum’s jewellery wrap. I knew I wanted to make her one, but it took me ages to find the best tutorial. In the end I settled for this one by Dirt Cheap DΓ©cor.

Sew a Jewellery Wrap/Roll (link to free tutorial) @AfterDarkSewing

My mum is a bit cycling-mad hence the cute bicycle fabric!

I love the lace section, for holding earrings! And it has a nice roomy pocket at one end…

Jewellery roll

… and another pocket split into two sections at the other end (the pockets are fastened with Velcro – nice and easy!)…

Sew a Jewellery Wrap/Roll (link to free tutorial) @AfterDarkSewing

… and it has a cute ring holder, which was fun to make! This was one of the sections where I deviated from the pattern; I used a popper and a button for decoration instead of a snap fastener. Because I’ve never used snaps and I didn’t have any anyway and wanted to get cracking!

Sew a Jewellery Wrap/Roll (link to free tutorial) @AfterDarkSewing

The outside is a sweet blue polka dot fabric:

Sew a Jewellery Wrap/Roll (link to free tutorial) @AfterDarkSewing

And it folds up like a little book. The only other thing I changed is the way it fastens. I used a hairband instead of ribbon, because I like how it’s elasticated!

Sew a Jewellery Wrap/Roll (link to free tutorial) @AfterDarkSewing

Last time, when I shared my travel sewing kit, I mentioned in some comments that my mitered corners are not always so good!

Well, in this project they weren’t so good. Some were good:

Mitered corners on jewellery wrap

But others weren’t. I had a problem with the binding more than the corners, really. For some reason it kind of puckered sometimes along the edges. It must have been my handsewing!

binding the jewellery wrap

But it’s not too bad. I’m still really pleased with it! πŸ™‚

And here’s the make-up brush roll:

Make up brush roll

make up brush roll

I just made it like I made my crayon roll – only changing the dimensions, of course. I’m far too lazy to figure out the best dimensions myself; Pinterest is my friend and I found this great tutorial by Mimi G, and pinched the dimensions from there. Oh, and I made the ties like they described, too, instead of using ribbon.

I totally cut a corner at the sewing-vertical-lines stage. Who can be bothered to cut the thread every time they sew a little line? Not me.

Cheat's way of sewing many lines

Don’t worry, I did cut all the strands afterwards. πŸ™‚

nice neat lines...

I made a bit of a boo-boo at the sewing-the-ties-into-the-roll stage. Basically, I forgot to sew them in. It was all going swimmingly until then!

Forgot to sew in the ties!!

Arrggh. But never fear, I just unpicked a few stitches on the side and stuck it in! There’s always something, isn’t there?

Remembered to sew in the ties

And here it is displayed with my brushes; now you can get a better idea of how they fit in! πŸ™‚

make up brushes roll

Like all of my Christmas makes, the fabrics for these projects were already in my stash, so didn’t cost me too much extra. (Of course I shouldn’t forget that I did buy them one day so they aren’t actually free! Except for the fabric that came free with Love Sewing magazine a few month’s ago…)

Ooh, I do love handmade.

Beth x

12 thoughts on “A Jewellery Wrap and a Make-Up Brush Roll

  1. These are just delightful! The bicycle fabric is particularly wonderful – it all goes so well together. I started making Christmas presents in August and I only finished three days after Christmas before our last guests arrived! You’ll be doing that this year, I suspect:)


    • Thank you! Well my brushes are from various brands… A few are quite old ones from Boots, I think the brand is 17, and I have a no.7 eyeshadow one (my fave even though I barely use it!), an eco tools one and a cute little one from The Body Shop. I think that’s it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. These are such great gift ideas. I’m stowing them all away in my head for later in the year. There’s really very little need to buy presents when you can make things that are a million times better – and more personal!


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