The Mr Tumble Jumper

If you’re a parent/work with kids/know kids at all you should be aware of this guy who is very irritating but has some kind of magical powers with kids (i.e. he’s a brilliant children’s entertainer):

Mr Tumble Source: Source:

My 5-year-old was obsessed with him, and now my nearly-2-year old is. She calls him ‘Bumble.’ And she loves his spotty bag.

Now, getting to the point – I made a fleece for said little girl, and it’s spotty – hence we christened it the Mr Tumble jumper. (I’m well aware that it’s not technically a jumper since it’s made out of fleece, but in my household we tend to call everything that kind of resembles a jumper a jumper…!)

Mr Tumble Jumper (Little girls fleece) @AfterDarkSewing

This really was a bribe of mine that luckily paid of because she was not keen at all for me to pull it over her head until I told her it’s a Mr Tumble jumper!

I used the pattern in Love Sewing magazine (issue 7); the Foxy Tunic. The lowest size is 2 years so I just made that even though little’un is not 2 until the end of February and wears age 1.5-2 years. There’s no harm in a little growing room. The sleeves are rolled up a good few inches and it’s more like a tunic than a top…

Mr Tumble Jumper (little girl's fleece) @AfterDarkSewing

By the way, don’t ask why she’s wearing a woolly hat inside!!

It’s probably half a foot too long for her, haha…

Mr Tumble Jumper (little girl's fleece) @AfterDarkSewing

But really, it was lucky that I didn’t grade it down a size because once I made it I couldn’t fit the darned thing over her head. And no, my daughter does not have an abnormally big head. So I don’t know what happened there. I don’t know if it’s the pattern’s fault or mine (probably mine) but it was a pain in the bum to say the least. I ended up unpicking the facing away and stitching it further from the edge, creating a lower ‘v’ at the front. That was not fun. I used stretch stitch; nice and strong but it was torturous to unpick, particularly when you’ve got all that fuzzy fleece getting in a… fuzz. But thank goodness once I had finished it, it did do the job – however I did lose some of the facing in the process. And it’s still not as loose as I would like it to be! But I was not going to unpick it again!!

Mr Tumble Jumper (little girl's fleece) @AfterDarkSewing

Luckily the rest is lovely. I really enjoyed working with fleece; it was so easy to sew and I didn’t need to bother finishing any edges apart from those of the facing (which is a nice blue-y colour knit I have in my stash). I like it peeking out. 🙂

Mr Tumble Jumper (little girl's fleece) @AfterDarkSewing

It features little splits at the hems, which are kind of pointless because it would be big enough without them, but they’re cute. The pattern called for twill tape to make them. Well I didn’t even know what that was but I found some kind of tape in my jar which is either twill tape or something like it… so I used that. My sewing was scruffiest at this stage. I think it probably slipped a bit. But because I was sewing white on white and it’s on the inside and it’s only a kid’s top… I didn’t worry about it!

Mr Tumble Jumper (little girl's fleece) @AfterDarkSewing

The only changes I made to the pattern were to omit the strips on the cuffs because as I said they are too long so I don’t think they would have worked… and I didn’t sew down the facing (apart from close to the neckline). Sorry – you’ll only get what I’m on about if you know the pattern! I might change my mind and do this so it stops flapping up, but I’m fearful because I’ve messed around with the neckline enough already!

Mr Tumble Jumper (little girl's fleece) @AfterDarkSewing

I definitely want to make another top in fleece before the weather changes. I’m not sure about this pattern, though, because of the neckline. Any suggestions, please?

Beth x

18 thoughts on “The Mr Tumble Jumper

    • Thank you! He is incredibly helpful when you need to chuck the kids in front of the TV, we also have his CDs… We’ve even seen him live and I was quite starstruck when I got his autograph… And now he’s got a fleece named after him… Dedication!!

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  1. I love working with fleece too although that is probably down to my obsession with keeping warm than anything else. The top looks lovely. I haven’t braved making clothes yet – I’m still v very much on the basic stuff!

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  2. Well he is better than Peppa Pig (can’t stand the obnoxious thing) although my 3yo nephew has a thing for watching youtube videos of kinder eggs being opened and the surprises unveiled… apprently it’s not just him!

    Anyway gorgeous polka top and it looks well worth all the extra hassle!


    • Oh we have Peppa Pig everything in my house and you certainly have the right word to describe her “obnoxious” argh I can’t stand to listen to her!! Yes she is worse!
      Haha that is a funny thing your nephew does – definitely new to me! I guess there’s a video of every random thing now!
      Thank you, I’m happy with how it turned out 🙂


  3. Mine have (thankfully!) outgrown CBeebies, so we don’t have to suffer Justin’s ‘hilarious’ antics any more! Great top, though, despite the challenges you encountered.


  4. I haven’t encountered this Mr Tumble and I’m feeling rather grateful for this fact! That’s such a gorgeous, spotty jumper and it sounds like it will be around for a while, thanks to making it a big large and the popularity of its namesake.


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