A New Sewing Machine & Buttons the Teddy

Look what I bought for my 6-year-old!


How cute?! It’s a John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine. Snapped up in the sale for £35. To say she loves it would be an understatement. It’s ideal for her age – it’s as good as a ‘proper’ machine in many ways but just scaled down. The foot pedal is small; it’s adorable. She can’t reach the floor so we rested it on her bathroom stool, which works a treat! There’s a kind of guard on the presser foot, so it’s not so dangerous – but not the kind of guard you have to remove with a screwdriver every time the thread escapes from the needle! (We also have a kids Lalaloopsie chainstitch one which is nothing but a pain in the bum.) It is a bit more fiddly to thread than a regular machine, as the guards stand up in the way, butit came with a standard needle threader, which makes it much easier – so you really can’t complain.

So for S’s first quick practice she sewed two lines down the first scrap I grabbed – and made some sort of pouch!

First creation!

Bless her, she loved it and has definitely caught the bug.

Check out the thread she’s using. Only the best for my daughter!

Silko - only the best!

We had another play at the weekend; this time we tried a proper project. She found the idea of a stuffed teddy in this book:

my first craft book

Annoyingly, this book is one of those ones where you have to enlarge the templates. Who has a photocopier at home? So instead of teaching her to trace, I drew her a teddy shape – and then she took over, choosing the fabric and cutting the shape out. She did so quite accurately; she’s always been good at cutting.

She then had to sew on some buttons for the eyes and down the front. This was a first, and she did really well. Until she got to the last one and gave up because it was taking too long and she was desperate to get on the machine!

So I finished that last button off for her, then she could hop on the machine. She sewed around the entire shape with only a bit of guidance from me around those curvy ears! She learned how to reverse, and how to insert the needle before pulling up the presser foot to turn a corner. She learns so fast.

Sewing Buttons

Oh, the concentration in her face. The machine doesn’t come with a light. But you may notice the funny bendy light attached to it above. That is a sewing machine lamp from The Daylight Co. And get this – I won it! But that’s not all… I also won a slimline LED table lamp. I won them last week through a competition in Sew magazine. I was over the moon! They’re worth £155! They’re easily the best things I have ever won! So my advice to you all is to enter competitions as you might actually win!! 😀

Anyway, back to the task at hand…  here’s the teddy all sewn up (wrong sides together made life easier).

Buttons 2

In went the stuffing and S sewed up the gap. She loved stuffing him, making him come to life. The look of pure pride and happiness on her face when she finished was priceless.

Buttons the Teddy 1

So we’ve only used it a couple of times but as it stands at the moment I think it’s a great little machine, ideal for kids, but it’s so lightweight that I will probably use it for little jobs 😛

Enjoying sewing for the first time

Oh and she named her teddy Buttons, which I think is a very appropriate name!

Do you have any ideas for her next project?

Beth x

51 thoughts on “A New Sewing Machine & Buttons the Teddy

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  2. I had to come take a look at her machine again. When I was young, I had a small machine that did a terrible chain stitch. My Mom was so patient we it and with me. I made things wrong sides together too. But I was fascinated that I could put two things together so fast without glue! Your daughter looks just as happy as I was…. With my machine and my mother for getting it for me and helping me with it.

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  3. Something to wear!! My children at school made a poncho from fleece. They are older though but she could just hem a square of fleece and cut out a circle for the neck. The children at school sewed on a badge too. They are delighted with them! We are on to elasticated skirts for Summer now! I have a photo for my blog post on Sunday!

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    • I saw the article (I think it was a response to a question actually) & photo in this month’s Sew mag 😛 A fleece is a great idea. I love children sewing. My daughter has done a bit of hand sewing (puppets) at school and I was so pleased! They’re only year 1 🙂 I look forward to your blog post.

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  4. This is so sweet, another generation of sewers in the making. Developing skills and making memories at the same time. Congrats on winning the lights. What kind of completion was it?


  5. It’s so lovely to see you making memories for your daughter. She’ll remember the first teddy she made and also the precious time that you spent teaching her to sew! Congrats on the lights too – result!!

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  6. What a lovely little machine! It looks like your daughter was having the time of her life having a go on it and it must be creating some lovely memories for her. I learnt to sew on an old green Elna and I still remember it quite vividly, including the oily smell of it and the way the light would get so hot if I was working on it for a while.

    As for the next project: perhaps a bag?


  7. How cool is that?!? Good job, Mom, getting her hooked early–now you’ve got a fun new thing to do together. You could try a pillow or blanket for Buttons next; you wouldn’t want her new friend getting cold at night. 😉

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  8. Bless her! My daughter took rather longer to ‘get into’ sewing but, now that she has, I feel pleased that I’ve passed my interest on to her and it’s something we can share. Luckily she already has a machine otherwise I know she would be envious of that yellow one.

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