The Morris Blazer

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.* My Grainline Morris Blazer.

*(Slight exaggeration perhaps but I know one of you is at least!)

Grainline Morris Blazer.

I finished it last week; it took about a week of evenings to make.

I didn’t like it at first; I can see the imperfections and the difficulties I has with the sewing machine eating it were clear in my memory. But I have to admit that it’s growing on me.

Grainline Morris Blazer

For a start it’s comfortable. It fits all right. I lengthened the sleeves because I like my sleeves long, and I’m really happy that I did that. And I love the colour. It goes with everything! [Nearly.]

But I stitched almost all of it using a stretch stitch, which perhaps wasn’t necessary. I also used my walking foot, which is noisy and takes forever! As you can see it is a slouchy fit!

Grainline Morris Blazer..

Step 15 and sewing the hem and front facings down was confusing. I got there in the end but it took a LOT of unpicking and chewing of the fabric. (By the machine that is – not me!) And the end result is messy.Β I can’t even say I learned anything because I’ve already forgotten what I did and I didn’t write it down!!

Grainline Morris Blazer inside 1

I’m really ashamed of that! It looks a right mess!! But I had just had enough by that point and just rammed it through the machine.

The other twoΒ things that bug me about the finished piece are…

Grainline Morris Blazer inside

1) The interfacing is on show. Not when it’s worn but I can’t help but think there should be a lining piece to cover it. And 2)Β There are two raw edges. It’s fine in this case but had I used a fabric that frays then it wouldn’t be so fine. Did I miss a step saying to finish those edges?

The rest of the blazer’s seams were finished with an overcasting stitch. I didn’t need to finish them fray-wise but I quite like the neatness of it. Apart from round the armholes in places where my machine liked to take a good bite.

Grainline Morris Blazer!

I will probably make another although not in such an annoying, light and cheap ponte roma.

Grainline Morris Blazer 2

I’m not sure about how it’s sticking out in the above photo. I want the entire lapels to lay flat.

Grainline Morris Blazer

Don’t laugh at this final photo. I was saying how it’s not even hanging symmetrically. I don’t know if that’s just the photos or it’s always like that and I messed that up too!

Grainline Morris Blazer 4

Phew, now that’s over and done with I’m going back to wovens for a while!

Beth x

P.S. I just realised we are so close to the end of Me-Made-May already. How did that happen?! “See you” on Sunday for my final roundup!

40 thoughts on “The Morris Blazer

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  2. Such a lovely colour Beth. And it does look good on you! Agree with all above that sometimes a garment will grow on you as kne forgets construction issues. Shame about the issues you had but I do hope you gibe it another go – uiu really do look so nice with it onπŸ˜ƒ

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  4. I think it looks really cute on you! Love the color, too.

    I tried sewing the Morris Blazer twice already and both were absolute wadders. The shoulders were Way Too Wide and the everything hung funny – into the bin they went. Maybe the knit I was using wasn’t substantial enough, I don’t know. Jen is having a sew along next week, so I will give it one more shot with a stretch woven.

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    • Thank you! Ooh I must check out the sewalong. Thanks for that πŸ™‚ I’m certainly not the only one to have issues with it. Shame you had to bin your attempts because it is a nice garment – or it would be. I must have broud shoulders! A stretch woven sounds like a great idea. I just got a leaflet through from Minerva saying 10% off all stretch cotton sateen fabrics. And then read your comment. They’re signs!


  5. I love it! The colour really really suits you, and even though you’ve have a few niggles making it the fit is spot on! Most I’ve seen, including mine, look too big and slouchy on the shoulders. I never gave a thought to the interface with mine being white, so will bear that in mind if I make another.
    Think of it as a posh cardi to throw on, all the mums will be jealous on the school run and think you’ve made a big effort!!
    (PS think the * might’ve been for me maybe!!)

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    • Yes I did have you in mind!!
      Thank you very much πŸ™‚ I’m glad I didn’t have to make any alterations to the fit. Besides the sleeve length but that wasn’t hard!
      I’m going to have to check out the shoulders of other peoples’ blazers now. I think this confirms that I have broad shoulders! And they have worked in my favour for a change.
      Haha I’m sure everyone will be jealous of my roughly made posh cardi πŸ˜€

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      • Your shoulders don’t look broad I thought you’d just done a better job of choosing a size than me. And you could say athletic cos you don’t look like you’ve broad shoulders. πŸ˜ƒ

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      • Hmm I think athletic could be right although I am not athletic at all if you know what I mean!!! I have bony shoulders which probably helps hold it up! I don’t think yours looks like it’s sloping off your shoulders badly though. Oh yeah, I wish I inserted my sleeves the usual way, like you did, because it was not easy putting them in after doing that side seam. I shouldn’t have followed the instructions! Must remember that for next time! I really love your blazer!!

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  6. I keep seeing these in my TL but yours is the first full post I’ve read, I think it looks great! I understand what you mean about the finishes like the interfacing, I find full lining a pain but think it makes things feel so much nicer & more professional. I bet you will get lots of wear out of it and it looks like you can dress it up or down – well done πŸ™‚

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    • I feel privileged now πŸ˜€ Thank you. I guess it wouldn’t really be hard to line those lapels if I feel so inclined. Yeah I think it will be a good versatile piece even with the gripes! Thanks!

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  7. It certainly looks great on the photos! It’s a gorgeous colour and looks lovely with that top you’ve worn with it. My machine also doesn’t like knit fabrics and likes to eat them. I have to sew really, really slowly. I’ve put an overlocker on my Amazon wish list, but strangely nobody has bought it for me!

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  8. I really like the style Beth, it looks good on you. I shouldn’t worry too much about the imperfections, especially as they are out of sight but I know how annoying things like that can be, you just know they are there! Why are machines so temperamental? We hope to get Abi a sewing machine for her 18th so I may be sneaking on that for a bit of sewing soon πŸ™‚

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  9. Yup – I experience lots of these problems working with knits too. In fact until I bought my overlocker I would never have got anywhere at all. Love the colour on you though…

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  10. I think the colour is great and you can certainly wear it. Maybe treat it like a wearable muslin for the real thing with a thicker ponte. The absence of lining is the one thing I don’t like about knits, when it comes to jackets, however I am very tempted to try the Morris at some point.

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    • Thanks πŸ™‚ it’s definitely not my best sewing so I’m happy to say it’s a wearable muslin! I’m sure I’d want it lined even more so if it was made with a woven fabric.


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