Isabella Tank x2 [Fab Free Pattern!]

Have you heard of Spit Up & Stilettos?

Well I heard about them only recently. They sell kids clothing patterns but used to sell women’s; since that didn’t work out they now provide these patterns for FREE. So of course I had to give at least one a go. I have started with this top as it’s what caught my eye first…. and I’ve made two (so far). They’ve got loads of other free patterns; I don’t know which to do next!

Isabella Tank

Image Source:

I’m already singing its praises so you can probably guess that I’m happy with the pattern!

Isabella Tank I

For the first one I used a polycotton scarf I picked up at a car boot sale for 50p. The print is not something I’d usually choose or wear but I really like it on this top!

I’ll start with the finished photo, then fill you in on the construction a bit! So here it is:

Isabella Tank

I managed to get the front piece (on the fold), and all facing pieces out of it. Check out the photos; this is where all my practice with jigsaw puzzles came in to effect!

I then used a plain navy blue cotton or polycotton (not sure – I don’t remember where it came from!) for the back, which matches nicely. I juuuuust about managed to squeeze the piece on!

Isabella tank cutting

The pattern’s very good and I had no problems with it. Amazing for a free pattern!

The only changes I made were to take in the side seams a little, and lessen the length of the back slit. You can see a photo of the gaping at the side seams a bit further down as I didn’t adjust the pattern because it’s just as easy to take that bit in every time, haha…. so I took a photo of it with the next version.

Isabella Tank back

I added a cute red button, which I was very happy to find in my button tin as it matches nicely!

Isabella Tank


Isabella Tank II

Now on to version two. The photo’s not very clear but here it is…

Isabella Tank ii

Now that I’d got to grips with the pattern and the fit, I could experiment (a little!)

So this version is made of two fabrics – viscose, and a crochet/lacy man-made type of fabric.

The viscose actually started life as this:

Viscose skirt for Isabella TankA maxi skirt I picked up in Lidl purely to cut up. I cut all pattern pieces out of this, and then the front and back pieces out of the lacy fabric.

Isabella Tank cutting

Then I sewed the front and back pieces together, just roughly, on all sides.

Isabella Tank cutting

This is how big the top was at the sides (I just took it in that much down to the waist, where it was fine). Not a lot – it’s a very simple fit alteration! 🙂

Isabella Tank

Ta-dah! Now it’s spot on in terms of fit; it’s really comfy.

Isabella Tank

Well, this is my final post for The Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month. It’s been fun! (This week’s challenge is ‘One Pattern, Two takes’ if you didn’t know already.)

Now I feel like I’ve done a lot of dressmaking recently so I want to make some other bits and pieces for a bit of variety – I made some baby doll’s nappies yesterday and they are ADORABLE so I will share them soon! But I went on a bit of a fabric shopping spree earlier this week so I won’t desert the dressmaking for long….

Beth x

P.S. If you haven’t already seen, I made it to the finals of last week’s “New to Me” challenge on The Monthly Stitch (hooray!) so I now rely on reader votes to win a prize…. *hint hint* (I will love you forever!!) 😛 The link’s here… No pressure, I know there are loads of other amazing entries!!

34 thoughts on “Isabella Tank x2 [Fab Free Pattern!]

  1. What brilliant takes on the simple tank! Such a clever idea to use the lace like that and your scarf remake must be the biggest ever bargain. Voted for your Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle yesterday:)

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  2. Yes, great fit with the lace one. But I love the idea of using a scarf for this top and I think the first one is great. I love the deeper shades and the cut away showing your shapely shoulders. Lovely choices. Well done. And I voted too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That pattern really suits you. I especially like the second one with the lace. Thanks for the heads up on the site – I’ve downloaded the leggings pattern as I want to make some yoga pants that are shorter than my usual ones for the summer.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well I had enough to sew already this weekend without you showing me that website! I now want to make all those free patterns and don’t have enough time or fabric haha. Where there’s a will there’s a way 😉 I love your tops too, very thrifty!

    Liked by 1 person

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