Liberty, Oh Liberty.

On Wednesdays there is a big market in the centre of Oxford. You can find foods from around the world, fruit and veg, antiques, homewares, habadashery – and a really friendly man selling genuine Liberty fabric.
He has bolts and bolts of it – the choice is unbearable.
So I finally bought my first ever Liberty fabrics! I managed to hold back on buying the whole stall and only bought 2 metres – I see it as lucky that I had to catch my bus!
I chose these:


The top one is jersey; the other is cotton.

The price? £8 per metre. Amaaazing for Liberty – however more than I usually spend on fabrics. So I hope they are as good as they are said to be!

Of course, I didn’t buy with an idea of what to make, so I thought I’d ask you lovely people – what shall I make?! A totally open question!!

I have 1m of each – so probably some tops?! I want to use it soon because my stash is seriously overflowing and I need to justify my purchases!

There’s too much choice nowadays…

What can I make with 1m of floral jersey?


And 1m of cotton lawn?


Thank you for any suggestions!

Beth x

27 thoughts on “Liberty, Oh Liberty.

  1. I’ve never found liberty for £8, but pride myself on eeking out as much as possible form each precious £12 metre. Last year I managed a matching bloomers and collared tunic and two sunhats from 1 metre so felt I got my money’s worth! Worth saving every scrap too as they make nice collar or pocket details on cheap plain fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what you make.


  2. I have paid between £7 and £12 a metre for Liberty, so this is a great price. I would like a sleeveless shirt with a collar for the cotton lawn – you are pretty slim so I think it would be possible. If not maybe a collar in mauve, orange or yellow would be fun.

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    • Oh good, he mentioned he was having to put the prices up to £12/metre next week but that’ll still be good value. Yes I don’t use too much fabric, like you probably! Thank you, I’ll see what I have with a collar. That’ll be lovely. 🙂

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  3. What a great find, love them both! What about a Sorbetto or two? These take up hardly any fabric and some people have done some great variations, plus it’s free – winner!

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  4. Both beautiful! You were very restrained only buying 2m and £8pm is amazing – the cheapest I’ve found online is £11pm or £10pm at the Knit & Stitch Show (do you feel justified to return and buy more yet?!) I think you should use at least one to make a top – maybe the kind with a plain back and patterned front? I think the jersey is my favourite 🙂

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    • Ooh I wonder if I could make two tops put of it if I did them both with a plain back… That might be pushing it though! I know, well two children in a busy market did help restrain me as well as the tight bus deadline!! I will return when I have used these pieces… (She says…)

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  5. Oooo lovely Liberty!!! Just sat down for a breather before I unpick a hem and saw your post! I’ve bought the same cotton but with blue flowers at what I thought was a bargain price of £14 a metre. Can’t wait for suggestions cos I’ve had mine about 4 months and daren’t cut into it!! Love the jersey too! 😃

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    • Ah £14 is still a bargain, just not as good as mine 😛 I don’t want to have mine for too long or I do fear that will happen to me!! Have fun unpicking that hem!


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