My new baby

Yeah, not a real baby. I bought an overlocker!
You may have heard about Lidl’s offer on Singer overlockers last week – well that’s the one I got. I was thinking about getting one, maybe around Christmas time, but this offer came up, I did a bit of research, it looked good so I thought I’d go for it now!


And it’s great! OK, I’ve barely used it, but at least I know it works.

It was threaded so all I had to do was tie on my new cones of thread and feed the threads through. The threading process is colour-coded and looks pretty straightforward once you know what you’re doing (haha) so hopefully I’ll be OK when the time comes to rethread. Which is now, as it unthreaded itself. I say now, but it’s back in the box until I have the time to read the instructions and do it!

But before it unthreaded itself I did get to play; I overlocked all the edges of my daughter’s new simple A-line dress. Wow, it’s fast!!

overlocked dress

I don’t love the look of overlocking; it’s good for fraying etc., and I understand why you’d do it, but I still much prefer the look of enclosed seams. I’m going to try not to be lazy, and still do French seams often!

I have cut out the pieces for a Seamwork Oslo cardigan and my plan is to sew it up on the overlocker. I might change my mind though. I haven’t looked at the instructions yet; it depends how curvy the pattern is too I guess. Watch this space…!

Beth x


52 thoughts on “My new baby

  1. Congrats on your new gadget! How much discount did you get for it? I plan to scout for some sewing tools/kits now that there are some shops that offer discounts. I also planned to buy more things in December, but the sale season is already here!

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  2. I am so annoyed I missed this offer. I have been eyeing up an overlocker but being new to dressmaking I wasn’t sure which would be a good beginner machine or whether I would use it enough. But I would like nice neat seams inside my tops.

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  3. I have a similar over locker made by Brother. Like Tialys, I find it frustrating to rethread, only, of course, I say, “Oh, brother.” My advice to you sewists who still have yours in the box is take pictures or make drawings of how it is threaded and where all the tension dials are set. Then, go ahead and try your machine out on scraps of different kinds of fabric. When the thread breaks, and it will, be ready to mess about a bit learning to thread it. Relying on the manual and color coding works, but if you examine how it is threaded with almost scientific precision first, re threading will be much easier. I use mine all the time now, but it took me some practice and patience.

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  4. How exciting! I got an overlocker for my birthday (not the same one) and made a quick t-shirt on it and it was soooo quick and great fun! I haven’t changed the thread or touched the tension yet though! I’m sure you’ll love your new toy!

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  5. Oh…enjoy! Mine has rather terrified me since getting it last Christmas but I’m getting there! The biggest advice I have is ALWAYS thread in the right order and don’t cut corners – it doesn’t pay off!! Good luck – looking forward to seeing what you make with it!

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  6. I bought one last time Lidl had an offer only in France we got a Pfaff machine rather than a Singer which I was actually rather pleased about and, even after a year, I amuse myself when it needs re-threading by saying what a ‘faff’ it is. I wouldn’t be without it though.
    By chance, I read a blog post this morning about using your very model for sewing thick layers – not good – so avoiding ultra thin and ultra thick might be wise. Here it is Yes, there’s a pencil skirt tute too.

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  7. Oh I’m jealous! We bought paint and new floor for our utility room last week so no overlocker for me. I would love to know how you get on with it longer term so when they come round again I can get one 🙂

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  8. I love my overlocker but be prepared for a love/hate relationship developing at first! Don’t leave it too long before you pick it up again. I found overlocking cotton a dream but despair set in when trying lighter weight fabrics. There’s a good course on craftsy.

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