Overlocked fleecy PJ trousers

Just checking in to say that I threaded my new overlocker (the Singer/Lidl one) from scratch. And I’m close to saying it was easy and stress-free!
I used this fantastic tutorial on the Makery’s blog. If you have this machine, you must pin the page because it’ll definitely save your sanity!

So my first project I whizzed up some gorgeously cosy fleecy PJ trousers.

fleece pjs

I actually made these for someone else; I should really make some for myself!

She’s the same size as my although has a longer leg, so I used a pair of my PJ trousers to cut the fleece to shape. I made them sit on the hip as requested, and just lengthened the legs –Β and I’m really happy with how they turned out.

fleecy pjs

Of course the seams of fleece don’t really need finishing, but I think when you’re selling something it’s more professional to finish them. Plus it was a good excuse to play! πŸ™‚

fleecy pjs

The hems and waistband were dead easy to do; I just overlocked the edge, folded and sewed with the regular machine. I didn’t bother trying to press the fleece but still got an accurate seam by using the presserΒ foot as a guide.

fleecy pjs

If you don’t have a pair of fleecy trousers I urge you to make some because they are amazingly warm and cosy! And you can’t go far wrong with PJs can you?

Beth x

26 thoughts on “Overlocked fleecy PJ trousers

    • Thanks πŸ˜€ It’s all going really well thanks, busy busy busy, trying to blog and read blogs but another thing holding me back is the WordPress app, which is playing up… don’t know if it’s just my phone!! 😦

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  1. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without an overlocker this long! There’s no other way to finish seams so professionally. Glad your shop is going well although I have to admit to missing your blog posts:)

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    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I love the speed of it! Time is going so quickly and it’s not all shop, I’m studying two courses, one in education and training and one in journalism… The journalism is only once a month so fine but the teaching one is really full on, 3 assignments in 10 weeks, just one left to do now which is due on Thursday… the course wraps up on Tuesday then I can breathe!!! And I will be back!! I’ll flattered though and need to catch up on your posts x

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  2. These look lurvely! So warm! Well done for rethreading your overlocker. I tried to re-thread mine by tying new thread to the old ones. That failed as the knots came undone so I had to re-thread from scratch. I managed it though so I’m not as scared of it now! I even adjusted the tension and the loops look better, so as you can imagine I’m feeling pretty smug right now!

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    • Ooh get you!! Practice makes perfect… I did the knot trick and it worked but stupidly didn’t leave a long tail so it all came out lol hope it stays in now! I haven’t touched the tension, you should be smug! πŸ˜€

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