#StitchingSanta – My Reveal!

Oooh, I had a lovely Christmas. Presents, food, family and fun – pretty much sums it up.
I’m here to share just a snippet with you – my #StitchingSanta present! As you may know I took part in this sewing-style secret Santa, organised by the lovely Sheila @ Sewchet. You may have already seen my post giving you some insight into what I gave my recipient – who was Jane at Jane Makes! I was really happy to get her, as I had won her fabric giveaway a couple of months ago; it was nice to give something back.

Now I’m going to share with you what I got! I forgot to take a photo of the prezzy all wrapped up, but it looked very exciting!

My gift-giver (?!) was… Corrine at Appleby Makes! Yaaayyy! Here’s what the lovely lady sent me…

A stocking! I LOVE this! This is what all my other prezzies were wrapped in – I should have taken a pic! It was a great idea!


I would never make a stocking for myself – not because I don’t want one, I just wouldn’t be so selfish haha. And if I did, it wouldn’t be as fancy as this one. It’s fabulous.

Several lovely goodies were wrapped individually inside. There’s this tree decoration which I love – I’ve never seen one like this before.


And some amazing pattern weights. Yes Corinne, they survived! I used them last night to cut into my Liberty jersey (I’m making a Deer & Doe Plantain) – they’re great! It’s funny because I made one pyramid-shaped pattern weight only about a week ago thinking I want some, but I made just the one and couldn’t be bothered to make any more. So now I won’t bother! 😀 😀 #stitchingsanta

And how about this for some sparkle? Oooh what shall I make?! It’s a stretchy knit fabric! Gorgeous!


Maybe one of these tops? I thought it was a great idea to give a printed PDF pattern. I might pinch that idea! The printing part of PDF patterns is annoying for me since my printer plays up! It looks like a great pattern too – my kind of style, well done Corrine! I didn’t have any from the brand either! 🙂


Last but not least, here’s a little handmade pouch. It’s adorable. And inside was a couple of packs of teeny buttons! They’ll be useful I’m sure.


Oh also Corrine included this card to give the game away – and I guess the illustrator was her daughter from the writing on the back of the card! Nice work!


And finally, I have to say I love her little stamp on the tag attached to my stocking. How sweet is that?


THANK YOU so much, Corinne. I’m so happy with it all, honestly.

Happy New Year!!

Beth x

18 thoughts on “#StitchingSanta – My Reveal!

  1. So many thoughtful gifts again – I love how creative everyone has been with their parcels. Getting hubby involved too though, that’s a new one! Thanks for participating – hope you will next year too:)

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  2. Even more lovely #stitchingsanta gifts! Love how some of yours are handmade and completely unique – thar Christmas decoration is amazing! The PDF pattern is a great idea! I also thought it was very sweet that the whole family seemed to have contributed something – I just love that mason jar stamper!

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    • Are you jealous of my decoration 😛 You should be! Yes I didn’t write the post very well, I should have focussed more on it being from the whole family, that was some sort of feminism showing through, me targeting it at Corrine alone! But it was really from The Appleby’s! 🙂

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  3. What wonderful and thoughtful gifts you have received! The ornament is truly a special one, isn’t it. How lovely to have it on your tree every year. Colorful pattern weights, and oooh what pretty sparkly fabric. I’ll bet it will be perfect for that pattern. Or….?

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  4. I love the Christmas tree decoration. I wondered if it was a handmade one and now I see it was. Also love the pattern weights – are they also handmade and, if so, what are they made from. I use antique pressing irons as weights but they do sometimes get in the way so some flatter ones would be good.

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    • I’m pretty sure the pattern weights are handmade, and they look like metal washer type things painted in nail varnish – I’ve seen it on Tilly & The Buttons’s blog and thought it was a great idea!!


  5. Phewie – so pleased you like it especially as you had Sewchet last year and she set the bar very high indeed! The Christmas tree decoration was designed and made by Paul, my husband! I felt he should contribute has it’s his blog too! You’ve got a one of a kind there! I was hoping you’d notice the card, Bethan won £25 for winning her Christmas card design! Thanks for all those nice comments – we had a lot of fun putting your present together!

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