About time I shared my Oslo!

I made this about a month ago… grabbing a few minutes now to share it with you all!

My first 100% overlocked (oh except the hems of course) project. The Seamwork Oslo!

seamwork oslo

I actually bought this knit (I think it’s acrylic – uber stretchy) last year, with a slouchy cardigan in mind. The Seamwork Oslo fits the brief perfectly!

Sorry the photos are rubbish, S wasn’t very willing! And we took them at the same time as the photos for my pleated skirt so the outfit is rather mismatch – I wear it with jeans really!!

seamwork oslo

Oh it’s so nice, such a good cardi to just throw on. It’s actually the kind of thing that I’d buy from the High Street so I think I get a bonus point for that!

The fabric is relatively light and slinky – but warm enough at the same time. Yay!

I didn’t bother with buttons, but I can wrap it right round me if I want to (which I often do!)

seamwork oslo

Flashing the inners… all overlocked. Oh my goodness isn’t the overlocker so fast! I whizzed it up in no time at all.

seamwork oslo

But I totally messed up the sleeve cuffs. I don’t know how it even happened but they ended up so big, like they had stretched – but the thing is the pattern piece was too big to fit to begin with, so they were bound to be a bit… Not sure what happened there but I just left it anyway – I tend to pull the sleeves down round my hands anyway, so it gives me some more sleeve to hold onto – LOL!

seamwork oslo

But overall yeah I’m really happy with it – and I have been wearing it a lot! If you have the pattern sitting waiting… sew it up already! 🙂

Beth x

32 thoughts on “About time I shared my Oslo!

  1. This looks like the perfect wardrobe staple – not surprised you’re wearing it loads! I was bought a chunky cream cardigan at Christmas and have worn it pretty at some point every day since. Still don’t think I can justify an overlocker but seeing makes like this definitely tempt me!

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  2. Perfect project for the overlocker and it would be pretty quick and pain free to shorten the sleeves and reattach the cuffs, wouldn’t it? If not, you could always create a thumb hole to make it seem as if they were always meant to be that long:)

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