Simplicity 1363 took me 6 months to make

Hey-hey! On Saturday I made two things for myself! One was from scratch whilst the other was a very longstanding UFO that I started in 2015, probably around August time.
Today I’m sharing what was the UFO because it links to The Monthly Stitch’s February theme of UFOs!
So I started this top last year, when the weather was good. It’s view D of Simplicity 1363:


The fabric I used is gorgeous; it’s called peachskin – silky smooth to touch and pretty fluid-like. It actually wasn’t as challenging to sew as I thought it might be. But I remember the reason I stopped making it last year was because I reached a step saying I needed bias binding. And I couldn’t be bothered to make some.

But I picked it up on Saturday just gone, looked at it, and discovered I only needed some 1/4″ single fold binding, to use just round the armholes and it wouldn’t be seen. And I had just about enough ready-made 1/4″ white polyester binding! So that would do! Had I just read the pattern properly and thought about it a little, I may not have left it unfinished for so long. Ah well!

So anyway here’s the finished top!

simplicity 1363

I have to say, I really really love it. I’ve worn it twice so far and it’s so comfortable. The fit is pretty damn perfect, straight out the packet. Impressive seeing as I often have issues with armscyes being too tight. And of course I loooovvveee the blue/white polka design!

simplicity 1363

As you can see it features a high-low hem; there’s an added panel at the back hem. I forgot to take a photo but I rolled the hem by machine. Super quick when you don’t have to press it first! I have a love/hate relationship with my rolled hem foot but it’s 80% neat on the inside!!

simplicity 1363

It has a little slit in the back, and fastens with two little buttons – I used some cute hearts! I can actually pull it over my head easily without faffing with the buttons, but I like them as a decorative detail regardless.

simplicity 1363

Yeah I need to cut and tidy the thread in one place… I have obviously been wearing a cardi over the top this week so it’s OK! And I wore it before taking photos, hence it’s creased in the photos haha!

Selfie of me wearing it paired with my Morris Blazer. Handmade double whammy 🙂

simplicity 1363 + morris blazer

I do recommend this pattern. I’m going to do the view with cap sleeves too (one day!!)

It’s always annoying to read this but I got the lovely fabric from my local-ish shop (Masons in Abingdon, Oxfordshire)! But if you come across some floaty peachskin, get it! For this kind of top it’s lush. In fact I bought it for making a jumpsuit in June ’15 but didn’t get round to that did I… So I bought 3m I think! You’ll probably see it on the blog again!

Beth x

39 thoughts on “Simplicity 1363 took me 6 months to make

  1. I wish I would have found your blog before I did this top! (But I did find it because of my top – I just finished it). I had the hardest time figuring out how to do the neck bands. So I ended up making it up as I went. It turned out okay but I would have preferred to do it the right way. Yours looks great!

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    • Aw it was a bit confusing to be fair, I’m not sure I could explain it! I did to some thinking and unpicking to be honest, I forgot to mark the dots on the fabric so I improvised and made up the distances to sew between. Then realised that you had to sew between the right points in order to slot the neckband onto the front and back pieces, with the neckband only stitches together at the shoulder points… Lol confusing! As long as it turned out ok it’s fine!!


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    • Aw thank you! I’m trying to blog more again… starting another now… now I just need to read more! I hope you’ve been doing well, I’ve seen snippets but have mostly neglected my WP reader!! I have to go and look at my hair in the photos now! 😀

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  3. What a lovely top Beth! Your stitching on those button loops is just amazing! I am scared of doing those so I shy away from projects with them. Love how it works so well with jeans and the Morris blazer👌👌. I am a sucker for a high low hem so this is added to my wish list😃

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  4. Very pretty and I like the asymmetric hem, the polka dots suit you a treat, too. You might need to think about a different bra though – would a sports bra hide the straps more? Isn’t it funny how we put things off because of tiny obstructions and then, when we bite the bullet, find out they’re not so bad after all!

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    • Absolutely! Thank you. I was thinking about making it during winter but decided against it because I thought it pointless as it’s summery… But actually it’s nice enough under a jacket 🙂


  5. It’s beautiful! LOVE the shape, LOVE the colour and LOVE the polka dots! It annoys me when things sit in the WIP pile for so long but turn out amazing when you finally finish them – if only we could see into the future! x

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