Granny’s Clemence

You know I said I had a day of dressmaking a couple of weeks ago and I made a skirt from scratch and finished a top? I shared the top – now for the skirt!

Of course I used my trusty Tilly Walnes Clemence Skirt pattern!!

I chose it not only because I like the pattern/style of skirt – but because of the fabric I wanted to use. I’ll show you a photo then explain…

harbour clemenceUnusual, huh?

The fabric was given to me by my Granny who had a good clear out of her fabrics and linen cupboard(s!) The reason behind that isn’t too nice, because she isn’t well (cancer) 😦 But every cloud, hey… I got more fabric to play with!

So this was one of the gems – a soft medium weight cotton (I assume) with a lovely harbour/boats/sea design – it looks like it’s painted.

It wasn’t “flat” fabric; it was actually sewn up into three panels, with a very neat lapped zip in one seam. Unfortunately that was metal and old or else I would have incorporated it into my sewing. Of course I asked Granny if there was a story, and yes – it was a skirt in a previous life and she “mustΒ haveΒ only partly taken it apart to recycle!”

So I’m wearing a skirt my Granny wore…!! Vintage lovers, eat your heart out! πŸ˜›

granny's clemence

The pieces were slightly narrower than I usually make them, as I was limited by the quantity of fabric between the seams. But I think it’s still gathered enough! I also made it longer than I made my others, and I like it. My others were as long as I could make them with 1m of fabric, but I had more choice with this one and used nearly the whole length!

granny clemence

You can just about see the length in that photo ^^ … sorry I didn’t have any help with the photos!

I didn’t think about pattern matching – I wouldn’t have been able to fabric quantity wise – butΒ I don’t think it matters too much with the gathered style.

granny clemence

I like my concealed zip πŸ˜€ Nice and neat at the top. And I stitched in the ditch rather than slipstitching the waistband, as it is always quicker! (Odd colour zip; it was that or black!)

granny clemence

Overall, really happy with it. Thanks, Granny!

Beth x

41 thoughts on “Granny’s Clemence

  1. My thoughts are with you and your Granny. What a nice gift you had from her. Your skirt makes me want to holiday in Europe. I’m also working on the Clemence too. Dressmaking days are so fun (and hard to come by)!

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  2. I love this skirt, including the longer length and the nice top you have it on with. You have done a great job. Sorry your Granny is ill, but it is nice she is taking time to have a sort out and is giving nice things away – I am sure she will be thrilled to see you wearing something special of hers.

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  3. Sad, but lovely you’re able to use your grannies fabric. Amazing that she wore it as a skirt too. I read above she’s in Scotland – will she see your blog? I bet she’d love to read it with all the lovely comments. πŸ˜€

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