World Book Day 2016

World Book Day came around again quickly didn’t it?
I knew it was coming because I’ve been getting loads of Pinterest repins on my Elmer costume – all the notifications have been annoying!
This year, S wanted to be Mildred Hubble aka The Worst Witch, since she’s loving the books recently. I used this drawing I found online as a basis for the costume ideas…

worst witch

…along with this one on the front cover of the first book, which adds a cloak and hat!


I made a cloak, dress, red belt, striped leggings and tie. And customised a witch hat we already have.

I bought one metre of plain black cotton (£3.99) – enough for the dress and cloak, with some left over – and half a metre of grey/black stripe jersey (£4) – enough for the tie, leggings (read on though, they’re cheat leggings!), and the hat. I used some red fleece I already had for the belt, and she wore her own tops. So not too bad cost-wise.

She wore brown boots (not photographed!), I wish she had black ones as then it’d have been perfect, but never mind! We had the broom already (side note: apparently everyone at school was asking her if it’s real, haha). Hair in plaits and I drew on freckles with a make-up pencil! She didn’t take a cat!

OK, here’s the finished outfit!

worst witch costume

I made the dress with no pattern besides one of her dresses. It’s just a basic A line shape, with a regular zip at the back.

The belt was a length of red fleece, with a fringe snipped into it at the short ends!

I also made the cloak with no pattern – I made it really quickly by cutting a rectangle and hemming three edges. Then on the top I added a rectangular piece of fabric, longer than the top of the cloak. I pressed and sewed it like bias binding (although not on the bias!), leaving a few inches either end. I sewed on some Velcro to fasten the tabs, and that was that!

worst witch

For the tie, I followed the tutorial in an old copy of Love Sewing magazine. I just shortened the pieces to make it child sized!

worst witch

And then the leggings… well, I really just needed long socks, but how were they going to hold up? Lightbulb moment! By sewing them on to leggings!

So I made two tubes, and whacked them on to the cropped leggings. Literally “whacked” – very quickly and very messily! Who was going to see and who was going to care?! I then cut of the excess length of leggings so it wasn’t too bulky on S’s legs.

worst witch outfit

worst witch outfit

I cut the pieces as wide as possible with the fabric I had but they turned out too narrow… so I unpicked them and added in a strip on either leg, a couple of inches wide. That did the trick!

The annoying thing was that I had to unpick my perfect stripe matching! Grr!

worst witch

Last but not least, the hat. We already had this plain black hat; I just handstitched yet another strip of the striped fabric around it. And the badge was a joint effort of S and I, made out of card.

worst witch

She wore a long sleeved top with her school polo shirt over the top as we needed a collar. She had enough layers on!

All that preparation and it’s over in a day! I’ve seen some amazing outfits though, it’s been fun!

Beth x

29 thoughts on “World Book Day 2016

  1. I remember when my son use to go to primary school and I use to dread world book day. Trying to find costumes for him. So glad he is in secondary school now. The pressure is off Phew.
    You did an amazing job and the costume is really good. Your little one looks smashing in the costume.
    Top marks Beth.

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  2. She looks just perfect! You’ve got it just right! I really couldn’t be bothered this year! My two both came home with vouchers so it might be worth asking for them as their teacher probably forgot to hand them out!

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  3. I used to wish I had a Mildred Hubble outfit when I was small-this is excellent! I even named one of my guinea-pigs Millie, short for Mildred Hubble! I considered calling her hutch mate Maud, but didn’t like the name enough at the time.

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  4. Bless her! I think you should have given her a cat though 😉
    Apparently World Book Day has been going for 19 years now – which means it was around when my girls were tots but I don’t remember their school going in for costumes. They were given book vouchers though, do they still do that?

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    • Haha I know! Some schools do PJ day instead now, it’s just not the same! They got book vouchers last year but nothing yet this year, I don’t know if they’re doing them! 😦


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