Funky Floral Delphine

Jane at Jane Makes gave me some beautiful floral fabric way back last year (I won it in her giveaway). I think about it every now and then, wanting to use it. But time has been of the essence recently; I haven’t sewn myself anything for some time. Then I saw Jane’s recent post where she sewed the same fabric up into a beautiful skirt, so I thought some selfish sewing was definitely overdue and made Friday night sew-for-me night. And this is the outcome!

delphine skirt

As soon as I received this fabric I knew I wanted to make a Tilly & The Buttons Delphine with it. It has some structure; the fabric is like quilting weight. So I didn’t change my mind, and went with the Delphine.

This is my first Delphine, and I really like it. The pattern is dead easy, really straightforward. One front piece, two back pieces, 8 waistband pieces (4 outer, 4 facing). One invisible zip.


I finished the seams with a simple overcasting stitch. Even though I do have an overlocker, it’s a lot quicker to just use the machine I already have out!


As with most things, the skirt did give me a challenge on fit.

It was big round the waist. Too much room even for a very big dinner. I did try it on mid-making but it’s hard to secure it at the back and look at yourself; there’s always some guesswork in it! It’s OK on my hips though.


Instead of taking out the zip, redoing the waistband… urgh too much work… I improvised and made some little pleats at the back.


It worked well and I rather like it like that; until you tell me it looks stupid. Next time I will grade it from a 3 to a 2 at the waist. (This time it was a straight 3.) Note to self! 🙂


I traced the pattern, cut the fabric, sewed it all up in one evening. I love a quick sew. Besides the altering of the waistband, which I did this morning. I sewed it whilst wearing it!

I hope I’ve got away without pattern matching the back seam… I just couldn’t be bothered trying to make out which flower goes where!!

Final photobombed photo – I was holding my skirt so little A came and said “I can be a princess too!” Also please excuse the chopped-off head shots; I have no where good to take photos!


Jane did say we may end up with matching skirts and we kind of have… hers is also A-line! 🙂

I have about a metre left so may make one of my girls something to match… one day…

Beth x

19 thoughts on “Funky Floral Delphine

  1. I love this fabric and it’s perfect in this skirt. The pleats don’t even show in the large print so it’s a successful alteration. Perhaps you should make one day every week your selfish sewing day:)

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    • Thank you, I will definitely at least try to make one day selfish sewing day! I found an excuse for making this as I’m writing a review on love at first stitch – so just had to sew up another of the patterns 😛

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      • Ooh that’s brilliant!! The only annoying thing (for beginners) for that pattern is having to match up the pattern pieces because they’re split up into halves when printed if that makes sense!!

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      • I know, I’ve made a sample to see how it goes and have a pack of pattern paper for each of them. Learning to trace off a pattern is a skill worth knowing. Pattern weights, I don’t have – a trip to the sewing shop tomorrow, I think:)


  2. It looks great in that fabric. I kept having the same waistband issue with Tilly’s patterns, even though I based my size choices around the waist measurement. There was also no shaping to the waistband pieces, which meant it would only really fit if you have no waist or a really long waist, which I do not. Fortunately, a bit of a tweak to the waistband sorted it out.

    Will you make another skirt or two from this pattern now that you’ve sorted it out? That floral skirt looks like too much fun to be on its own in your wardrobe…

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    • Thanks Katie, yes you’re right it’s that chunky waistband – I like the style but it’s not practical! But yes I will definitely make more, I really like the style. And ages ago I bought some fabric especially for a delphine (although I’ve forgotten what it was now!!) 🙂

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  3. Lovely bright summery skirt, the pattern looks good on the back, the four yellow flowers look fab as one big one. I’ve done the pleat thing too, it’s a design feature in my eyes 🙂

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  4. Oh good for you! I’m glad you’ve managed to sew something for yourself. Your skirt looks fab! The print is so busy you can barely see those pleats and I would say that you demonstrated some excellent sewing problem-solving skills with them anyway! I made myself the Delphine skirt some time ago on your recommendation and I love it, although I have large waist band issues too!

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    • Thank you! Hmm the large waistband can only work with certain figures I think. In my clemences it gets a bit uncomfortable too – however I wore this all day and it’s sooo comfortable. ☺

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