GBBS Asymmetric Skirt

Do you remember that skirt made from a tricky Japanese pattern in the last series of the Great British Sewing Bee?

This one:


They all look really happy there, don’t they?

Well the pattern is in the new book, ‘From Stitch to Style’. I crazily told my dressmaking class that I will make the skirt. So I did…

gbsb asymmetric skirt

I made it in a scuba type fabric that I picked up in my most local fabric shop for an unbelievable 30p per metre (“because we don’t know what it is”). I used some of it to make a Coco dress, and now there’s this. I have a little more that I can probably use to make something for a child! It’s brilliant because it’s nice and swishy, a knit of course so doesn’t fray which is essential for this project, and it was so cheap that I wouldn’t be upset if I messed it up!

And the skirt wasn’t as difficult to make as you’d think. I survived! There are perhaps a few small things that Patrick and Esme would pick up on, but overall I’m 90% happy with it.

The cutting out was the most time-consuming part. Because you have to cut every piece (of which there are 6) individually, and really carefully because those raw edges are on show – and you must mark the notches carefully too as they have to meet up.

gbsb asymmetric skirt

I cut out the pieces then got busy so left it on the side for two and a half weeks; but if you can’t sew for yourself on Bank Holiday Monday, when can you? So I sewed it up in the afternoon.

Have you made anything out of the new book yet? I found the instructions to be good; in the past the Sewing Bee books haven’t always been too great but I had no issues with this one.

The biggest annoyance is in this photo…

gbsb asymmetric skirt

Yeah, the lines don’t match up across the seam. Quite frankly at that point I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to go back and redo it all. It’ll do. The skirt took some patience, a lot of tacking and careful sewing, so by the end I’d had enough!

To finish the “waistband” you sew grosgrain ribbon to the top of the skirt and flip it to the inside. Ahhh, I rummaged through my ribbons and the widest I had was this bright green! I had exactly the right amount, so that was to be it! As it’s on the inside, you can’t see it. I love how little this skirt cost me! Excuse the poor photo.

gbsb asymmetric skirt

And as the fabric doesn’t fray, I didn’t actually hem it. Which feels weird but I love how there’s no bulk at the bottom.

Finally – essential twirling shot!

gbsb asymmetric skirt

So are you going to make this? Have you already?!

Beth x


40 thoughts on “GBBS Asymmetric Skirt

  1. This skirt is the reason why I bought the book second hand last year – but the pattern pack was missing… I have finally tracked one down, waiting for it now! can’t wait to try making it!!!


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  4. I finished all but the hem last night and was so frustrated that the seams did not match up at the back! Like you, I was really careful when tracing the pattern and cutting, so think it may be an error in the pattern? Anyway, I love the skirt and can’t wait until it is hemmed and I can wear it. The dips and folds make it fun 🙂

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  5. 30p a metre and grosgrain from your stash? That must be the bargain of the century! Shame about the mis-aligned bit at the back seam, but no one will notice because they’ll be looking at the front when talking to you. Sounds as tricky as they made it look on the programme so you did a great job. Love the way it swirls!

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  6. I love this and think it looks great Beth. I think I would have done that back piece (below the zip) without a seam to make the swing more smooth. Also I would be interested if maybe using an exposed zip the full length of the yoke might look nice. Anyway thanks for sharing the details. I would love to have a go at this, especially in purple 30p scuba!!

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  7. this pattern is the reason I bought the book and I was so glad when I saw the title of your post, happy that someonelse made it and made it so well, it really looks great!

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  8. You do know how to find bargain fabric don’t you?! 30p per metre? As soon as I saw the contestants have a go at this skirt I wanted to make it myself. It looks like a really interesting but challenging pattern. I haven’t got the book yet though I ordered it weeks ago. Amazon’s having a hard time getting hold of it!

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  9. You look a lot happier than the contestants on the Sewing Bee! Not sure I have the patience required for this skirt but yours looks great – and so twirly! I like purple and green together so reckon the ribbon works well! That fabric was a serious bargain! x

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