Refashion: Men’s Shirt to Toddler Dress

In November I’m running a course called Upcycle: Sustainable Fashion; it’s all about refashioning textiles into something new. So recently I’ve been sewing up some ideas to bring with me. Here’s one!
A men’s shirt – which most people have lying around – to a girl’s dress.
My inspiration hunt began at Pinterest, and I found a nice tutorial so I actually just used that instead of my own brain… here’s the link to it!

I began with a lovely lilac shirt – not too masculine!

shirt to dress refashion

As per the tutorial and using a dress that fits Little A as a guide, I chopped the shirt up as shown in the photo below, unpicking the chest pocket also. I discarded the rectangle in the middle and the shoulders pieces, and only kept the upper part of the sleeve.

shirt to dress refashion

This is where my in-progress photos ended; but I basically followed the tutorial linked above. It took about an hour in total.

Here’s the finished dress!

shirt to dress refashion

Cute or what?!

Having used this as a practice-run, I then made a dress out of a little girl’s Dad’s old military shirt, as a commission. This is before…

shirt to dress refashion

I made it in a very similar way – I just also had to move some of the Velcro, unpick the zip that was in the way, and unpick the pockets on the sleeves. It was fun! And everyone apparently loved it!

shirt to dress refashion

shirt to dress refashion

Let me know if you have made or do go on to make something similar!

Beth x


21 thoughts on “Refashion: Men’s Shirt to Toddler Dress

  1. That is honestly so creative!!! I swear you can create anything with what you’re given. I feel you might have an interest in my blog if you are interested in designing clothes for little girls. I am in the same boat as you. Well, regardless, I love this idea and you are utilising what you have. So innovative…

    – Beep Toot

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  2. I love this!! Op shops are my favourite for finding fabric to repurpose!
    The dinosaur on my blog atm is made from scraps of fabric I had left over from making a robe for larping (I’m a nerd) and I like using different fabrics I find for gift wrapping rather than paper!
    I hope you get lots of people for your course! I would be happy to share the post for you.

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