Liberty Plantain

I made this aaaaages ago (like, 11 months ago) and have worn it a lot – it has remained unblogged til now for no apparent reason. It only needs a quick post!

I bought this gorgeous Liberty jersey for £8/m in Oxford Gloucester Green market back in the summer of 2015. (Unfortunately I’ve heard that the “Liberty man” hasn’t been there for ages! I hope he hasn’t disappeared altogether!) It sat for several months before I eventually cut it into a plain and simple Deer & Doe Plantain top. [By the way, it’s a free pattern!] I had 1m of the fabric and managed to get the short-sleeved top out of it no problem. Bargain!

liberty plantain

I’ve made one other Plantain and really like the fit and style – so easy to wear, and not too low on the neck. So it was an easy sew for me.

However there was one difference – I made this with my overlocker; the first garment I sewed on it (besides finishing seams only). It was so fast! Fast forward 11 months to now and I LOVE my overlocker. I’ve sewn so much on it. And it’s even a breeze to thread! 😀

liberty plantain

I also used a twin needle to sew the hems and keep the seam allowance down around the neckline. So neat!

liberty plantain

Hmm, what else do I have in my stash for another Plantain… isn’t it great making the same pattern more than once? My least favourite part of dressmaking is probably tracing patterns so it’s nice to sew the same pattern when it’s all sorted fit-wise!

Hope you’re all well and getting ready for the big C. Including Stitching Santa if you’re involved like me! 😉

Beth x

14 thoughts on “Liberty Plantain

  1. Lovely t-shirt and thanks for reminding me of this pattern. Rather bizarrely I also have 1m of foxy jersey that my daughter wants me to make into a t-shirt. This may well do the job.


  2. I’ll look up that pattern as I like the low neckline and slightly flared cut – should be quite flattering. That jersey is delightful! Hope you manage to catch up with the seller again. Overlocker are ace, aren’t they? And easy to thread once you’re used to it.

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    • I’ve even threaded the overlockers at work which are different to mine with no extra instructions than the little diagrams, yeah it gets easier once you’ve done it a few times so understand how the threads tend to go…! 🙂
      Do download the pattern, I think you’ll like it. 🙂


  3. A lovely summery top. Interesting you managed to get it out of 1m. I’m forwarding Deer and Doe’s link to my daughter as I bought her a metre of foxy jersey (in the sense that it has foxes on it!) and she’s having trouble finding anything to make with it. She also has an overlocker although it has been in transit between France and the U.K. since last Christmas – long story – but should arrive soon so this would be a good first project to use it for.

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