Baby Doll Nappies & Wipes

After all the dressmaking recently I have felt the need to make some smaller, quick projects. I have wanted to make some cloth nappies for my daughters’ dolls for some time now – so I did that last week!
(By the way, if you’re not British… by nappies I mean diapers!!)

Modelled by Baby Annabell, this is nappy number one:

baby doll nappy

Yeah – you don’t get much cuter than this!

It was dead simple to make – literally two pieces of fabric sewn together, pop on some Velcro and Bob’s your uncle!

baby doll nappy

doll nappy

The inspiration came from a guest post on Craftaholics Anonymous. You have to make your own pattern, but it’s not hard.

Of course I had to make one more for when this one is dirty…

doll nappy

I can’t get enough of this cute fabric! (It’s what my Blue Ridge Dress is made of if you can’t put your finger on where you’ve seen it!)

The nappies are lined with a really fluffy fabric. Now, the tutorial recommends you use minky. I am all for recycling, upcycling, repurposing, etc. etc. – so mine are made with an old dressing gown. I think it’s better than expensive minky!

Finally, the tutorial tells you how to make a sweet little wipe case and wipes. It’s a very simple project – great if you’re lazy like me and can’t be bothered to figure out the best sizing!

The wipes are made with the dressing gown’s hood lining, which is a flannel/brushed cotton kind of fabric. They are fraying a bit, but who cares?!

doll wipes

doll wipes

So this was all cheap to make, with stuff I already had. And they’re going down well with my girls, so all’s good. I do love a cheap, quick and easy project every once in a while.

Beth x

A Rather Boring Men’s Sunglasses Case

A couple of weeks ago I pledged this:

I, Beth, of After Dark Sewing, pledge this Sew Selfless September to sew three items for three different people – one being my partner.

(As part of Sew Selfless September, hosted by the Sometimes Sewist.)

Well, I made my boyfriend something. I still feel a bit selfish, because it was so easy and simple. (The perfect beginner project!)

But I made something nonetheless. And he’s happy with it, so I don’t feel too guilty that I didn’t put in more effort to make something truly fabulous!

Of course if you read the title of this post you will know that it’s a sunglasses case!

Easy Beginner Project - A Sunglasses Case

The reason I say it’s rather boring is because a) it’s a relatively simple design, and b) it’s grey and plain. I’m itching to add some pretty embellishment! But it’s for a man, so…. it’s grey and plain. And woolly!

It is brighter inside, though (and that little tab); it’s spotty 🙂 He’s even got some pink in there!


To make it, I followed the fabulous tutorial on Create.Craft.Love – however omitted the fusible fleece step because a) I don’t have any, and b) I used a chunky wool suiting fabric, which I think counteracts the need for the fleece (and I was right; it holds up well – hooray!)

This is an ideal project for beginners, because it involves straight stitching, clipping corners, pressing, turning, and a little topstitching. And then very soon you have a little item to be proud of! If you haven’t made a sunglasses case, why not?!


It turned out the perfect size for a pair of sunglasses – phew! When you’ve started dressmaking, it’s nice to make something simple like this sometimes. It gave me a break from unpicking!

Here’s a peek inside (excuse the loose threads… haha).


So there you have it.  A quick and easy little project for Sew Selfless September.

I have one more selfless project completed to share with you – but you will have to wait until next week. And don’t worry, this one took longer than five minutes to make!

Til then… happy sewing and enjoy making one of these if you do – we are forecast to have an Indian summer heading our way in October after all!!

Beth x


It’s an Apron for a Bottle!

Random? Yes. Unnecessary? Yes. Cute? Yes. Fun? Yes!

I came across this tutorial for these adorable washing-up-liquid bottle aprons on Pinterest (of course) and immediately pinned, knowing I had to have a go! How cute are they?! (photo pinched from ‘Hostess with The Mostess’)


So, this week, following my Sew Selfless September pledge, I had a go. Here she is! Don’t ask why the top turned out narrower than those in the photo. I guess I was meant to add a seam allowance; there was no mention of this in the tutorial. I think it looks cute regardless.

2014-09-12 23.34.38

It was quite a cool coincidence that my soap bottle is red and white too! (Unusual – normally it’s clear!)

It was really quick and simple to make. It would have been even quicker had I followed the instructions to the tee – but they involved glue, which I consider cheating!

Here’s the link to the tutorial if you fancy making your own. You will need to download the template, which you use to cut two pieces of fabric, and stitch them together. Perhapy add seam allowance if you want them to turn out wider than mine.

2014-09-12 22.18.23

This is the only bit of sewing that the instructions tell you to do… but of course I broke the rules slightly; instead of hot-gluing the ricrac and ribbons on, I hand stitched them. Anyone can glue, right? (Besides, I don’t own a hot glue gun!)

Here’s the ricrac around the bottom, and a bit also along the top (the top is just folded under, and I made sure to stitch right through to the back to secure it in place – whereas the piece around the bottom of the apron is stitched so that it isn’t visible at the back).

2014-09-12 22.58.37

And then once that was in place, I also hand stitched the two pieces of ribbon on:

2014-09-12 23.30.53

I wanted to finish it off with a little bow. I was just tidying up my explosion of ribbons after I’d found my tutorial on how to make the perfect bow, when I spotted a cute glittery gold readymade one sitting there on the table. It was fate.


And just to show it tied at the back… a perfect fit!


So, there we have it. My first totally selfless make for Sew Selfless September. I’ve posted this to my sister, purely because I am trying to be totally selfless. It’s a very random gift – there’s no occasion to celebrate. I purposely didn’t write a note explaining what it’s meant to be for. I wonder what she thought it might be…

I’ve already made my second make for SSS, but I’ll blog about it next week. It was also a quick sew and used less than a fat quarter of fabric, so if you’re after inspiration for quick and simple projects, this is the place to be at the moment! Til then, happy sewing everyone!

Beth x

A Bottle Apron!