VFT London aka the twirly summer dress!

Hi! I made something for my daughter for a change so thought I’d pop on and show you! I made it with the intention to sell the style, so I was allowed. 😉

It’s the Violette Field Threads new pattern – the London dress. I made the most of the couple of days of sunshine we had!!

twirly summer dress standing pb

I made it in a gorgeous Liberty of London cotton lawn that’s adorned with sweeties! So cute! I realised how apt it was to be making a London dress out of Liberty fabric afterwards. 😀

The dress features a ruffly hem but I left that out (who’s got time for all that ruffling haha… I’m really not a ruffles and frills person) and just added 3″ to the length of the skirt.

twirly summer dress sitting pb

It’s got the teeniest bodice, a really full skirt, and tie-up straps. A quick and simple sew, with just a few techniques required – gathering, bias binding, and the usual seams and hem!

twirly summer dress flat lay pb

In true matchy matchy Pink Bobbins style, I made a matching bow hairband, and it’s safe to say little A loves the outfit and wants to wear it ALL THE TIME!! 🙂

sweetie twirly dress and hairband pb

Can you blame her? Just look at the spin effect!

twirly summer dress twirling pb

I totally recommend this pattern, it’s brilliantly written and the outcome is just so gorgeous.

Of course if you don’t want to make your own you can always by mine at Pink Bobbins. 😛

Beth x


Quick denim skirt refashion

Check me out – I sewed this today and I’m blogging about it today! 😀

Well I do like a nice little refashion. This is a super simple ladies skirt to child’s skirt refashion!

So to begin with, this was a soft denim skirt, originally from New Look however I imagine I bought it from the car boot sale or somewhere…

denim skirt refashion

I really like the style (i.e. denim circle skirt!) and have worn it a few times, however it’s pretty short and does ride up, too. And can you see the hem? It’s dreadful and really irritates me. I don’t know if it was designed to be like that or just badly sewn; either way, I don’t like it.

denim skirt refashion

Sooo I’ve been looking at it recently and thought it was destined to become something else;  a little girl’s skirt. Or, a big girl’s skirt, I should say – for seven-year-old S.

It’s a simple refashion, so I took some pics along the way. First I lay a skirt that fits S on top of the denim one. (Conveniently, I made the zebra one!)

denim skirt refashionAs you can see, the length is just about right already! And there’s just a few inches difference in the waistband. About 2″, on the fold.

denim skirt refashion

First of all I unpicked the little seam on the waistband, and tugged that elastic out. Luckily the elastic wasn’t sewn in, or else I wouldn’t have been able to do this.

I measured 2″ (folded), and cut.

denim skirt refashion

Then took a moment to inspect the elastic and found that it had only been sewn together with one straight line. I tend to sew a square as it’s stronger…

denim skirt refashion

So I did! Sometimes I sew diagonal lines inside, too – but didn’t bother if even a single line was strong enough before! With a nice contrasting red thread, because that’s what was in the machine…

denim skirt refashion

I then tucked the elastic back inside, and handstitched up the gap. That’s the waistband sorted!

denim skirt refashion

Now, I could have left the skirt like that and it’d be fine – but that wiggly hem would annoy me for the rest of my days, so I had to chop it off. I had the length to spare, as I know the zebra skirt I compared the length with is a tad longer than it needs to be.

So I chopped off the hem just above the stitching, and sewed a double-fold hem.

denim skirt refashion

Ta-dah! I have to say, I much prefer my hem!!

denim skirt refashion

S loves it, she’s wearing it now ready for Rainbows. And I love it too – I much prefer it on her! Job done!

Beth x

I gave up and started something else

A couple of weeks ago it was Kids Clothes Week. You may have seen the fairytale trousers I upcycled for my toddler. I really pleased with them; I haven’t actually altered them at all (I thought I would have to make the rise longer but it turns out that they fit better than they did the first time we tried them!)

Next I wanted to make two simple skirts for my daughters, like this:

The Sewing Book - pink girls skirt

[Unfortunately that’s not my skirt – it’s the one in Alison Smith’s The Sewing Book]

I’m ashamed to admit: these simple skirts defeated me. I can hardly believe that I struggled to make something so simple!

Using some skirts that fit my daughters, I cut out the pieces from a pink duvet cover that my granny gave me to use as fabric. I thought I would be all clever working like a little production line; I French seamed both skirts in turn…

French seam on girls pink skirt

… and hand stitched an invisible hem on both. (These photos are of the bigger skirt.) So I was left with two bands to work with.

pink girls skirt

Then I started the decorative work on the smallest skirt. I made the adorable tucks, which are pressed up and down in turn – I love the effect.

Then I hand embroidered the flowers.

embroidered flower - pink girls skirt

And then I had a sudden moment of realisation. Have you noticed my mistake? I had not taken into account the fact that I should have cut the fabric longer to accommodate the tucks. So the skirt had lost a lot of it’s length. My daughter is nearly 2, not newborn. What a stupid mistake!! I just wasn’t thinking! I must have been tired on the cutting-out evening. Lesson learned!

I didn’t even take photos because I was so distraught! But I can tell you that the new skirt was not as high in length as the ready-made one I was using as a guide. And of course I wanted to add an elasticated waistband, I would have needed another inch or so at the top. It was a good few inches to short!

So I cut out another few inches of fabric (luckily I had PLENTY) and stitched it on the top. Then I folded it over and sewed to make the waistband. This is where I’m at now, and I’ve shoved it to the side, along with the other “skirt” – or rather, a band with pretty embroidery a neat hem. The skirt still came up to short. I was fed up, I rushed it, and it all went wrong.

how small is this skirt

I wasted so much time doing the tucks and embroidery – which, typically, was all so neat!!

skirt gone wrong

Well, I’m going to forget about that, now.

I’ve moved on to something else. Actually – two things, to be precise.

You may have seen in my Sunday Sevens post at the weekend I started the needlework purse that I was given for my birthday.


And I have started making a ‘Sew Simple’ Ruby Dress – the one that came free with Love Sewing magazine a few months ago. I’m making it in this fabulous spotty cotton.

Blue polka dot cotton - ruby dress

I hope to complete it by this weekend so that I can wear it out on my first child-free night away for some time!

Wish me luck and no stupid mistakes with this one…

Beth x