#StitchingSanta – My Reveal!

Oooh, I had a lovely Christmas. Presents, food, family and fun – pretty much sums it up.
I’m here to share just a snippet with you – my #StitchingSanta present! As you may know I took part in this sewing-style secret Santa, organised by the lovely Sheila @ Sewchet. You may have already seen my post giving you some insight into what I gave my recipient – who was Jane at Jane Makes! I was really happy to get her, as I had won her fabric giveaway a couple of months ago; it was nice to give something back.

Now I’m going to share with you what I got! I forgot to take a photo of the prezzy all wrapped up, but it looked very exciting!

My gift-giver (?!) was… Corrine at Appleby Makes! Yaaayyy! Here’s what the lovely lady sent me…

A stocking! I LOVE this! This is what all my other prezzies were wrapped in – I should have taken a pic! It was a great idea!


I would never make a stocking for myself – not because I don’t want one, I just wouldn’t be so selfish haha. And if I did, it wouldn’t be as fancy as this one. It’s fabulous.

Several lovely goodies were wrapped individually inside. There’s this tree decoration which I love – I’ve never seen one like this before.


And some amazing pattern weights. Yes Corinne, they survived! I used them last night to cut into my Liberty jersey (I’m making a Deer & Doe Plantain) – they’re great! It’s funny because I made one pyramid-shaped pattern weight only about a week ago thinking I want some, but I made just the one and couldn’t be bothered to make any more. So now I won’t bother! 😀 😀 #stitchingsanta

And how about this for some sparkle? Oooh what shall I make?! It’s a stretchy knit fabric! Gorgeous!


Maybe one of these tops? I thought it was a great idea to give a printed PDF pattern. I might pinch that idea! The printing part of PDF patterns is annoying for me since my printer plays up! It looks like a great pattern too – my kind of style, well done Corrine! I didn’t have any from the brand either! 🙂


Last but not least, here’s a little handmade pouch. It’s adorable. And inside was a couple of packs of teeny buttons! They’ll be useful I’m sure.


Oh also Corrine included this card to give the game away – and I guess the illustrator was her daughter from the writing on the back of the card! Nice work!


And finally, I have to say I love her little stamp on the tag attached to my stocking. How sweet is that?


THANK YOU so much, Corinne. I’m so happy with it all, honestly.

Happy New Year!!

Beth x

Happy Birthday to Me!

As of today I am closer to 30 than 20. That’s a scary thought!

My mum gave me lots of lovely presents – most of them sewing-related. I’m very happy 😀

So because it’s my day and I can do what I want, I have left the yucky baking washing-up and popped on here to share them with you like-minded sewing people!

Sewing prezzies!

I am now the proud owner of the Coco pattern! Hooray!

Coco pattern

I will be using it very soon along with one of the knits I bought last week (probably the blue one).

Coco plans

And whilst we’re on the subject of the successes of The Great British Sewing Bee contestants – I have got Lauren’s ‘Learn to Sew with Lauren’ book. I really liked Lauren on the show. She reminds me of myself. Although she’s a better sewer! I think it’s just the blue eyes, blonde hair part of her… Oh, plus on one episode she messed something up and it made her cry – that’s something I would do if I was there!

Learn to sew with Lauren

This is a beautiful embroidery kit to make such a sweet purse. I’m so looking forward to starting this!

Made by me embroidery kit

And look at this cuuuuute flower buttons – and some ever-so-practical dressmaking pins. You can never have too many of these. The last lot I bought had loads of blunt ones! I mean, they didn’t even have a point at all. Hopefully these will be better!

Pins & Buttons

And last but definitely not least is this amazing sewing tin. Oh, the stuff I could stash in here…

My cake-monster of a daughter was not happy that it had no cake in, though. Luckily for her, she will get some later 🙂

John Lewis Sewing Tin

Isn’t my mum the best?!

If you’re reading, Mum – again, thank you very much!!

I’m looking forward to see what else my birthday has to bring…

Beth x

My #SewingSanta Gift <3 <3

I had a lovely few days away visiting family for Christmas. Now that we’re in the funny bit between Christmas and New Year, I can finally grab a few minutes to share my #sewingsanta gift(s)!


Well, my package arrived a week or so before Christmas and it took a lot of motivation to leave it unopened until the big day! It was a great big box, FAR bigger than the little package my giftee received! OK, size doesn’t matter, but… it kind of does, doesn’t it?!

But I managed to hold myself back and opened it after breakfast on Christmas Day, after the excitement of Father Christmas had died down (as much as it was going to with two young girls!)

#sewingsanta presents!

When I opened the box I was confronted by loads of goodies, and a big red handmade (of course) card which told me that my Sewing Santa gifter was Sheila at Sewchet. (I’m so going to steal the design idea on the card!!)

#sewingsanta xmas card

There was even a little sachet of teabags, which was a lovely touch, and tasted just like Christmas!

#sewingsanta tea bags!

I had an inkling that the box was from the lovely Sheila, because I read her blog regularly and she did mention that she was posting a large box out, which would arrive the following day at the lucky recipient’s house… So when I came home to find a big box on my DOORSTEP (meaning outside!!) that very day, I did silently squeal with delight. Half because nobody had pinched it!

So, without further ado, I’d better share my very lovely and thoughtful gifts with you all. Here are all the ‘bought’ things that I received:

#sewingsanta prezzies

Just look at it all! Everything is so thoughtful and I don’t know what I like best! I love how she thought I will need some ballpoint needles to tackle knits, and the embroidery threads to try something new! Yes, I must do some embroidery! There’s also a nice book with lots of projects for girls; a vintage pattern [I will probably make the middle view]; some pretty fat quarters; sweet ribbons [you can never have too many]; washi tape [I’ve never used it!!] and cute buttons [again you can never have too many, and did she know my youngest loves bunnies?!] Oh, and a dear little tin to put my little bits in!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, I also received so many beautiful handmade gifts, which was a real bonus! I was so happy and overwhelmed by the time and effort that went into these gifts.

#sewingsanta handmade prezzies

I put the beautiful robin brooch on my dress straight away; it’s so sweet. I don’t even know how Sheila made it but it’s totally beyond my skillset! The notepad and needle case are embroidered with my initials; another thoughtful touch. I love all the different kinds of paper in the notepad, and the needle case is beautiful. The keyring is on my keys and looks fab. The fingerless gloves are really warm; I definitely need them in this weather! And the tissue case has had a lot of use already. Aren’t I lucky? 🙂

#sewingsanta robin brooch

That’s not even all of it, actually. There was also a cute little stocking decoration too, but my eldest swiftly grabbed it and hung it on the tree before I even picked up my camera!

I was really flattered that Sheila had even thought to give something to my two girls as well. I didn’t sign up for that! THANK YOU, SHEILA!!

She gave both girls these awesome hats, made out of recycled t-shirts! They are so soft and comfy. And very cleverly made. I’m so grateful. Ooh, and if you look to the right of my eldest’s shoulder you will see the little stocking hanging on the tree! 🙂

#sewingsanta daughter no. 1 hat

#sewingsanta - daughter no. 2 hat

If you don’t follow Sewchet then DO IT because she is amazing!!!

She even devised a little poem to go with the gifts, which was so clever! I started reading it then stopped and opened the presents first so as not to spoil the surprise!

#sewingsanta xmas card inside

So all in all I think I did rather well and am very glad that I joined in with Sewing Santa (hosted by Lisa @ Stitched up from the Start). Bring on Christmas 2015!! I hope my recipient enjoyed her parcel, too. She did get one handmade thing (a cinnamon stick tree), but the majority of the gift was focused around what I understand to be her interests, and it was mostly fabric! 🙂

I should just finish by saying sorry for the low quality of photos… I’m sure you can understand that a lot was going on at the same time so my photography was rather rushed to say the least!!

Beth x