Overlocked fleecy PJ trousers

Just checking in to say that I threaded my new overlocker (the Singer/Lidl one) from scratch. And I’m close to saying it was easy and stress-free!
I used this fantastic tutorial on the Makery’s blog. If you have this machine, you must pin the page because it’ll definitely save your sanity!

So my first project I whizzed up some gorgeously cosy fleecy PJ trousers.

fleece pjs

I actually made these for someone else; I should really make some for myself!

She’s the same size as my although has a longer leg, so I used a pair of my PJ trousers to cut the fleece to shape. I made them sit on the hip as requested, and just lengthened the legs – and I’m really happy with how they turned out.

fleecy pjs

Of course the seams of fleece don’t really need finishing, but I think when you’re selling something it’s more professional to finish them. Plus it was a good excuse to play! 🙂

fleecy pjs

The hems and waistband were dead easy to do; I just overlocked the edge, folded and sewed with the regular machine. I didn’t bother trying to press the fleece but still got an accurate seam by using the presser foot as a guide.

fleecy pjs

If you don’t have a pair of fleecy trousers I urge you to make some because they are amazingly warm and cosy! And you can’t go far wrong with PJs can you?

Beth x

My new baby

Yeah, not a real baby. I bought an overlocker!
You may have heard about Lidl’s offer on Singer overlockers last week – well that’s the one I got. I was thinking about getting one, maybe around Christmas time, but this offer came up, I did a bit of research, it looked good so I thought I’d go for it now!


And it’s great! OK, I’ve barely used it, but at least I know it works.

It was threaded so all I had to do was tie on my new cones of thread and feed the threads through. The threading process is colour-coded and looks pretty straightforward once you know what you’re doing (haha) so hopefully I’ll be OK when the time comes to rethread. Which is now, as it unthreaded itself. I say now, but it’s back in the box until I have the time to read the instructions and do it!

But before it unthreaded itself I did get to play; I overlocked all the edges of my daughter’s new simple A-line dress. Wow, it’s fast!!

overlocked dress

I don’t love the look of overlocking; it’s good for fraying etc., and I understand why you’d do it, but I still much prefer the look of enclosed seams. I’m going to try not to be lazy, and still do French seams often!

I have cut out the pieces for a Seamwork Oslo cardigan and my plan is to sew it up on the overlocker. I might change my mind though. I haven’t looked at the instructions yet; it depends how curvy the pattern is too I guess. Watch this space…!

Beth x