Ellie the Elephant!

I’m in the middle of a couple of projects so I’m just going to share with you something cute that I made a couple of months ago.

‘Sew Punny’ made a little stuffed elephant back in January, and when I saw it I knew I had to make one for my elephant-mad daughter.

So I headed over to Plush Fabrics for the wonderful tutorial because I had the best fabric in my stash for it – the little colourful elephants I used to make my baby girl’s dress (which still fits my ‘baby’ but is now a top!!) last year. A big thumbs up for me sticking to my resolution of using up the smaller bits of fabric I have in my stash!

Are you ready for the cute-ness?!

elephant plush

Big flappy ears!! I made them out of a nice soft suede-type fabric that I bought a small amount of for about 10p at the car boot sale. It took me no time at all to decide which fabrics to use, which is unusual for me!

But I fell at the first hurdle when I began sewing down the side that’s meant to be open! What a numpty.

elephant ear!

The tutorial has patterns for large and small elephants, but because I didn’t have much of the elephant fabric I couldn’t make a large one. I cut out enough pieces to make two sisters instead. The other one just needs sewing together!

I made one change to the pattern – I folded the raw edge of the tail under. I suppose that because it’s knotted near the end it wouldn’t fall apart if it was left raw, but… I wanted to be safe and not sorry!

elephant plush

The pattern worked really well – I certainly recommend it! It was quite curvy though; if I make any more I might add a bigger seam allowance and then trim it down.

Because after I stuffed my first one I realised the seam was tearing near her trunk 😦 I repaired it but it’s messy because I stuffed it well and the fabric was fraying – grrr there’s always something.

elephant plush

I’m impressed with my slip stitch to secure her bottom back up, though.

I decided to sew clusters of French knots for the eyes. Mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to do satin stitch or anything else! I think it turned out all right – although I do think they look a bit close together… but they are in the right place according to the pattern.

That two-trunked red elephant that’s appeared above the eyes makes me laugh!

elephant plush

So there we have it – Ellie the Elephant, who is soon to have a sister, too.

elephant plush

And Daughter No. 2 was conveniently wearing her elephant top the day after the night I finished Ellie! Could you get any cuter?

elephant plush

elephant plush

The only very annoying thing is that she isn’t actually that taken by it!!

Beth x