Overlocked fleecy PJ trousers

Just checking in to say that I threaded my new overlocker (the Singer/Lidl one) from scratch. And I’m close to saying it was easy and stress-free!
I used this fantastic tutorial on the Makery’s blog. If you have this machine, you must pin the page because it’ll definitely save your sanity!

So my first project I whizzed up some gorgeously cosy fleecy PJ trousers.

fleece pjs

I actually made these for someone else; I should really make some for myself!

She’s the same size as my although has a longer leg, so I used a pair of my PJ trousers to cut the fleece to shape. I made them sit on the hip as requested, and just lengthened the legs – and I’m really happy with how they turned out.

fleecy pjs

Of course the seams of fleece don’t really need finishing, but I think when you’re selling something it’s more professional to finish them. Plus it was a good excuse to play! :)

fleecy pjs

The hems and waistband were dead easy to do; I just overlocked the edge, folded and sewed with the regular machine. I didn’t bother trying to press the fleece but still got an accurate seam by using the presser foot as a guide.

fleecy pjs

If you don’t have a pair of fleecy trousers I urge you to make some because they are amazingly warm and cosy! And you can’t go far wrong with PJs can you?

Beth x

I have to tell you something

I’m soooo busy at the moment and I think it’s about time I shared this with you as I kind of feel I’m leading a double life…

LOL I know what it sounds like… read on!!

The thing is… a few months ago I started selling my handmade creations, on Facebook and Etsy. I didn’t want to share it on here because I didn’t want things to change – I don’t want my lovely loyal readers to look at me differently and I don’t want to try to sell you anything!! So I do want to keep it separate, but feel like I should just tell you all, because I want to explain why I don’t post as often as I used to.

I’m a bit shy now, haha! I’m selling girl’s clothing and accessories, and my business is called Pink Bobbins. Surprise!!

pink bobbins image

So I haven’t posted less because I’ve stopped sewing (far from it). I just don’t sew for myself so much (erm, for ages!) now. And as I said, I don’t want this blog to be all “I made this and I’m selling it” – this blog is about ME!!

I’m not really sure why I decided to sell stuff – one day I just did it. And now it’s actually going really well, I’m snowed under at the moment in the run up to Christmas…. so I’m guessing there’s no going back (at least for the time being) so I’d better give in and tell you!!

I’m also still teaching dressmaking, I’m studying for a teaching qualification, and I’m also studying Foundation Journalism. Oh and I’m looking after my girls and all the usual stuff of course. So assignment deadlines are looming, my order book requires attention, and I’m trying not to neglect my children…. sewing for myself and blogging comes last! :(

I do have several plans of clothing to make for myself, but I just don’t have the time to do it!! I am enjoying my little business but I do want to do a bit of selfish sewing soon!!

Of course I am blogging for Simple Sew patterns; I will be posting some tutorials when their new patterns and website launches soon….  I think I’m going to be in Love Sewing magazine this month so look out for me! (Only a little pic!)

I have a Seamwork Oslo all cut out and ready to sew… I need to finish my Simple Sew Tea Dress (I didn’t have enough fabric for the skirt part so it’s sitting waiting for some!)… I have some sewing-themed fabric (you’ve probably seen it around) ready to be sewn into a Clemence…. I have so much other dressmaking fabric (including those lovely Liberty pieces, and the beautiful floral cotton I won from Jane’s giveaway), I want to make things and share it with you but we just have to be patient!!

untitled^^ The fabric I won :) ^^

That’s enough of me rambling now – just thought I’d get that out there. Give yourself a pat on the back if you read it all – you’re now updated on my life!

If you’re feeling nosey (curious!) now you can check my page out on Facebook, www.facebook.com/PinkBobbins :D You’ll see I have been very busy!!

Beth x


Has anyone not signed up for this yet?


It’s a bit like a secret Santa… For crafty people. If you sew, knit or crochet, this is a fun way of getting a gift that you will really want this Christmas!

You have until this Saturday to do it…

Go to Sewchet’s blog for more info and to sign up! The more the merrier!

Beth x

My new baby

Yeah, not a real baby. I bought an overlocker!
You may have heard about Lidl’s offer on Singer overlockers last week – well that’s the one I got. I was thinking about getting one, maybe around Christmas time, but this offer came up, I did a bit of research, it looked good so I thought I’d go for it now!


And it’s great! OK, I’ve barely used it, but at least I know it works.

It was threaded so all I had to do was tie on my new cones of thread and feed the threads through. The threading process is colour-coded and looks pretty straightforward once you know what you’re doing (haha) so hopefully I’ll be OK when the time comes to rethread. Which is now, as it unthreaded itself. I say now, but it’s back in the box until I have the time to read the instructions and do it!

But before it unthreaded itself I did get to play; I overlocked all the edges of my daughter’s new simple A-line dress. Wow, it’s fast!!

overlocked dress

I don’t love the look of overlocking; it’s good for fraying etc., and I understand why you’d do it, but I still much prefer the look of enclosed seams. I’m going to try not to be lazy, and still do French seams often!

I have cut out the pieces for a Seamwork Oslo cardigan and my plan is to sew it up on the overlocker. I might change my mind though. I haven’t looked at the instructions yet; it depends how curvy the pattern is too I guess. Watch this space…!

Beth x

The 20p Coco

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that some time ago I bought a few meters of some unknown knit fabric. For 20p a metre. Yeah, that’s not a typo. The fabric shop staff didn’t know what it was so were selling it off at 20p!! It’s a soft, medium weight, scuba type knit, in a rich purple colour.
Well I finally made something with it! A plain and simple Coco dress.


I whizzed it up in an evening. Didn’t bother with pockets, cuffs or the funnel neck! I thought I’d keep it simple because I haven’t sewn anything for myself for a good couple of months; I wanted a quick fix!

I chose the Coco because of it’s simplicity in design; no darts or anything that would cause the dress to be too bulky. Because the fabric is relatively heavy.

I don’t tend to like 3/4 length sleeves because I’m always cold but decided to sew them for a change… and I think they look nice!


This is only my second Coco; I wear my blue one loads so I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to make another. I made the last one in a size 3 and it is pretty baggy so I cut my traced pattern down to a size 2 for this one. And the fit is now fab :) If I’m honest it was a little tight under the arms but I’m wearing it as I write and it’s now midday, and it must have stretched a bit because it’s not so bad. Phew. That was my silly fault for not sticking to the size 3 around the arms because I’ve had this problem before with armsyces….


But on the whole it’s soooo comfy. I’m soooo happy that I have a couple more metres of this fabric!

What more can I say? Everyone loves a Coco….


Beth x

P.S. Edit: This was my 100th post. Yay! Thank you dear sewing friends :P


Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair!

I had a fun day yesterday! I took my girls to the Handmade Fair at Hampton Court. I was lucky and got a free ticket from someone giving one away because she didn’t need it… So I just had to pay for my 6 year old. Oh and the extortionate parking when we eventually got there after sitting in 40 minutes of veeeeerry slow moving traffic! Anyway let’s talk about the good stuff!

I was very brave or crazy to take my 2 daughters with me. I didn’t bother with any workshops as I envisaged that ending in disaster but I did book on to one ‘Super Theatre’ session which was Dawn O’Porter talking to Kirstie about lots of stuff from her new clothing line to breakdowns,  and working mums to the fact that she doesn’t like doing TV. There’s not going to be another ‘This Old Thing’ series!

Handmade Fair

Handmade Fair

Oh my word, it was busy. There were loaaads of stalls. But I didn’t buy any fabric! Yes I think I deserve an award for that! There were several fabric stalls!

Handmade Fair

This is my little haul:

Handmade Fair

Plus one more thing that is for my mum so I can’t show it here in case she’s reading!! But it was something handmade. I feel I did OK with my little mission to support small businesses!

So there’s a print of a poem that’s spot on – I’ve been wanting something like ‘House Rules’ but this is probably nicer! And there’s the Agnes pattern! And two hair bobbles that S spent far too long choosing the colour she wanted! Now I have to make her a dress to match apparently so if anyone knows the fabric…?! And the colourful box is nail polish pens. I never buy things like this but this was immediately after I made my girls sit in the Super Theatre for 45 mins, which was “very very very very very very very very very boring” haha, so this was a treat!

The seller did give us both a quick demo!

Handmade Fair

We met Tilly Walnes, and my daughter was a little confused!! Tilly was happy to pose with somebody shorter than her!

Handmade Fair

We bought pasta for lunch. I liked the look of the stall.

Handmade Fair

Well looks aren’t everything. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t as nice as it should have been and we are pasta-loving people – we didn’t even finish the bowls! I thought I’d treat us instead of buying a picnic but should have just brought a packed lunch in hindsight. Ah well. And yeah there weren’t enough tables so we sat on the floor. Luckily the weather was gorgeous!

Handmade Fair

We did have tea and cake in the Mollie Makes café (whoops no pics) and I got 3 or 4 refills for £2 so that wasn’t bad! They had colouring in there and plenty of adults were doing it. Crazy how when someone says it’s OK for adults to colour then everyone is happy to do it!

I wanted to sit in this vintage café where these lovely ladies were singing, but that was packed. Little A had a good time dancing just outside though!

Handmade Fair

There was so much inspiration and beautiful things to buy.

I loved the work but this artist – I can’t remember her name but she was very talented in freehand embroidery and applique work.

Handmade Fair

Yep, I was attracted to the blue polka dots!

Handmade Fair

OK, last photo. We liked these little purses by “love from beth” hehe, nice name!

Handmade Fair

I will go again next year – but leave earlier, expecting to sit in traffic, and probably bring a picnic!!

Beth x


A selfish brag post… giveaway win!

Yep, this post is purely to show off. Well if I can’t show off to you, who can I show off to?
The lovely Sharon at Creativity & Family ran a fantastic giveaway last week. And, yes you guessed it – I won the sewing bundle!
So here I am showing you all what I got…
It came wrapped in fabric – wow, my daughter and I were impressed by that idea! The ribbon was actually tied in a nice bow, but I untied it before I thought to take photos.

competition win

I love the chalkboard tag! I’m keeping that! :)

And here’s what was inside:

competition win

Sharon is always leaving lovely comments on my blog – and she must be just as lovely in real life because she even thought to add a little knitting doll for my girls! Well, Sharon, my eldest was very happy with that as you can see – and we’ve started her off already :)

competition win

Look at all this pretty fabric!!

competition win

I’m going to use it to make things just for me! One piece will be made into a sunglasses case. As for the others… suggestions?! I realised I’m not used to making things for myself anymore!

My photos are a bit rubbish, but if you zoom back up you can see a pack of pretty floral buttons, too. This package oozed girliness!

I had a surprise gift, too, which wasn’t detailed in the giveaway post.

competition win

Ahhh – I have been wanting some of these scissors! I’m so pleased. I do like a bit of embroidery!

Do you see that adorable little cat attached to the handle? Awww, what a lovely touch. The giveaway entry rule was to comment with the name of a cat – I chose Sonic and Shadow. (I got two entries; one for being a follower of the blog). Sharon’s son chose the winners and he chose Sonic. So that is the name of the little cat on my scissors!

That’s the end of my brag post. I hope you’re not too jealous!


Beth x