Personalised Apron

Not a lot of sewing – or blogging – has happened recently, what with it being the Easter break from school. But I did finish making an apron for my sister to wear for her new business venture in nails and other beauty treatments.

This is not just any old apron, I’ll have you know. It is a fancy apron, with hand embroidered company name; pretty gathers; and no baggy neck.

Apron with gathers

The inspiration came via Good Old Pinterest from ‘Style Me Pretty’. My sister and I liked the gathers. I downloaded and printed the free pattern and that’s when I realised that a nicely styled photo for Pinterest isn’t everything; the pattern and instructions were… not good. So I improvised.

Just look at the pattern piece for the skirt:

apron pattern piece (skirt)

Why not fold the fabric in half – so you’d need a pattern piece half the size and save paper?!

So I chopped it in half…

apron pattern piece (skirt)

Then I tackled the bodice piece. Hmm, it turned out a lot narrower than it was supposed to…

rubbish pattern for apron

So I cut my losses and made it up myself, using an apron I own as a template!!

I began by hand embroidering the name onto the bodice, using stem stitch. I used a very expensive tool to transfer the font onto the fabric. It’s called the sun through my window.

hand embroidery - apron bodice

I’m really happy with how this turned out; it’s pretty neat, even if I do say so myself.

apron embroidery

If you’re a sewer with a bit of experience, do go over to the website and read the instructions. They leave a lot to be desired! You would be left with a lot of raw edges as “borders” are just pinned and sewed.

Well, I used the measurements from the page, and made the rest up myself. The biggest difference is that I lined the apron in white cotton. I think this gives it a very nice finish.

Lined apron

I used the ‘bagging’ method, then topstitched all the way around. I do love topstitching.

Apron bodice

I made the ties by pressing both edges into the middle of the tie, then pressing in half so that the raw edges are trapped in the middle. Who wants raw edges on display?! I chose to just have one neck ‘tie’ because if there’s one thing I don’t like about apron’s it’s the bagginess of the neck. Yes, you can pull it off and on more easily, but taking your glasses off to do that is not a big price to pay when you can have a snug fit.

The original pattern suggests two neck ties, to be tied at the back. This makes sense, but I’m sure having a knot at the back of your neck all day can be uncomfortable.

Apron with gathers

The gathering is really cute!

gathers on apron

And check out the spacious pockets. I also made two slim ones in the middle, which I hope will be ideal for nail files etc.

apron pockets

I love it; I gave it to my sister for her birthday and she loves it too. Hooray!

Now I hope she doesn’t spill any nail polish on it!

Beth x


24 thoughts on “Personalised Apron

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  2. Who’d have thought an apron could be so pretty – your embroidery is perfection! I’ve just got an order for two monogrammed napkins for a silver wedding present, so am looking forward to doing a bit of embroidery for a change.

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