2015 Sewing Goals [6 Month Check]

OK, we’re nearly 7 months through the year but I planned on doing this at the end of June and time flew by…

Those of you who have been with me a while may remember me setting myself some sewing goals at the start of the year. This is quite a popular thing to do in the blogosphere. (I wonder how everyone else is getting on?)

So now I think it’s time I checked over my progress so far this year. There’s nothing like a bit of public declaration to spur me on to completing them all…

Here are the things I proposed to accomplish this year:

Sew something every week. Finish a project and start another. Just keep sewing all year!

Yes, I’m definitely on track with this. In fact I have too many on the go…

Use A LOT of the fabric from my stash before buying new. This means I need to make some small things because I have a lot of fabric about the size of fat quarters but not a lot that’s bigger than 1m. I don’t have a big stash compared to a lot of other bloggers, but I also don’t have a big house!!

Ummm….. I might quietly pass this one. I have acquired some huge mountains these last couple of months!! In fact the postman just delivered me 4 more metres…

Make a quilt. That’ll use some small bits up 🙂

Whoops, I’ve not started this yet. Only 5 months to go until my deadline. Will I do it?!

Refashion a few items I have hanging around – a (stretchy!) maxi skirt, a sweatshirt, some t-shirts.

I have done a bit of refashioning. I refashioned that sweatshirt, and some jeans into girls’ dungarees. I think that’s all I’ve done! I was going to start refashioning the maxi skirt into kids’ leggings but abandoned it before I even started cutting!

Make my daughter a costume for World Book Day instead of sticking her in a ready-made one (unless her favourite book is genuinely one of which she already owns a costume for!) [Never have I done this!]

Hooray, a bit fat YES! I did this! If you weren’t following me back in March, you have to see this!

Elmer Dressing Up Outfit for World Book Day

Sew with knits. Make a Coco dress and/or top like everyone else in the sewing world!

I made a Coco dress! I’ve made a Plantain top, a wiggle dress and a Morris blazer. I’ve just made a skater skirt in a lovely rich purple jersey that I’ll share with you one day!

Try some embroidery. The little bundle of embroidery skeins that came in my Sewing Santa gift really was the little push I needed to try embroidery. I have embroidered in the past – years ago – but I have never actually embroidered a whole picture. I have done some little cross stitches in the past, actually… you can make really sweet motif etc., can’t you. And I will this year!

I have made some progress with this. I sewed this sweet hoop in lazy daisy stitch months ago but never got round to sharing it!

embroidered two little birds

The link for the free pattern I used is here if you’re interested! I used lazy daisy stitch, French knots, and bog-standard back stitch for it.

embroidered little birds

You may have seen my embroidery on my sister’s apron, too, and my daughter’s dungarees. Oh, and the cute flowers on the skirt I spent ages on only to find I’d messed up the sizing!

I should sit down and embroider something again soon, because it’s nice and relaxing!

And a bit of studying when my hands need a rest: learn more about different fabric types. I learnt everything in school but remember very little of the jargon now. I do find it hard to buy the right fabric for dressmaking.

I think I’m getting more knowledgable about different fabric types. I think it’s partly due to me buying a lot!!

I think that’ll do! Oh, one more – finish a project before starting another one!! Ha, I will try!

Erm, I certainly haven’t achieved this one! But I didn’t think I would. Which sewist actually does?!


I don’t think I’ve done too badly.

Must start work on that quilt, though!

And stop buying fabric!

Beth x

40 thoughts on “2015 Sewing Goals [6 Month Check]

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  2. What a good idea to set some goals for the year – I have a little notebook that I write down all the things I want to get done sewing-wise for the forthcoming months but no deadline – sneaky… maybe I need to push myself a little bit more… so little time, so much to sew!

    I have been v naughty recently and bought heaps of fabric to make into some cute bags, as I just bought Lisa Lam’s Bag Making Bible… but not I realise I have no contrasting fabrics for many of them so I still need to buy more! Naughty!

    You seem to find some great fabric bargains and you have some really lovely cute fabrics, I love the quirky cottons and thicker weaves – where are your favourite places to shop for fabric?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a good idea but the no buying fabric one has certainly not worked!! I know there isn’t enough time to make everything!! I hope you make lots of bags with your fabric though! Hmm I have bought quite a lot from my most local fabric shop this year (Masons in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.) I don’t have any big fabriclands or abakhans near. Which I suppose is a good thing!! I just discovered prettiful fabrics online which has some good cottons cheap. Also eBay! 😀


      • Ah ebay – that’s a good idea, I never thought of that. I discovered Fabric Yard and Fabric Rehab which both have some really fun and funky prints, but quite pricy. It’s an expensive habit this sewing malarky isn’t it!? Prettiful Fabrics is nice, just had a peek, I like the funky sheep fabric, must restrain for now though until I have made some bags with what I have got!

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  3. It looks like you are doing a great job of working towards all of your goals – well done for even remembering that you had set them! It’s reminded me that I should really look back at mine and check progress, although I already know that there have been one or two I’ve done pretty well at avoiding! I think you have don’t really well at making time to sew as I think that’s the easiest and biggest mistake to make.

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  4. Your embroidery is very neat – I particularly loved what you did for your sister earlier in the year, text is really difficult to get right and yours looked immaculate. I can’t resist fabric and have filled my studio with the stuff hence my recent scrap busting small makes:)

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  5. You’ve certainly had a busy 7 months Beth! Your resolution to finish a project before starting another made me smile!! With so much inspiration I find that one impossible 🙂 You have made so many gorgeous clothes, I have loved reading your posts and seeing what you make. x

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  6. You made a lot of resolutions so well done for completing so many of them. You can always knock out a quick quilt before Christmas, there’s plenty of time! I made four goals for the year and I’m pleased to say that I’ve completed two of them, one’s nearly finished and the other’s ongoing! All done within the last week!

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    • I don’t know whether to congratulate you or laugh at the fact that you’ve just thought about doing your goals last week 😀 I’m so busy at the moment, I do hope I can sew a quilt before Christmas but we’ll see…

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      • Well strictly speaking I started my projects AGES ago, but I finished them last week. One was to make six dining chair covers. I made the first in January but it soon became a chore and so only completed the final one last week. I’ll blog about them as soon as I muster up the enthusiasm!

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  7. It’s always interesting to look back at goals and see how you are doing against them! I didn’t really set any goals this year so I have been randomly sewing whatever catches my eye (and yes – building up stash!)


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  8. Well done, you’ve probably completed far more just by writing up the list in the first place. I know I set myself some, but apart from conquering trousers (I’ve managed to conquer one pattern at least, and that took some doing), I can’t for the life of me think what they were…

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  9. Well done! You’ve knocked quite a few off your list! I especially love your blazer and your embroidery. Very sweet. Let me know if you start a quilt – have you ever quilted before? I’m also trying to use up my stash before buying new, and I have tonnes of tiny bits of fabric that would be no good for anything else, but I’ve never made a quilt before and wouldn’t know where to start!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Well I’ve never quilted properly before… I’ve done some patchwork but not actually done the quilting through the layers part! I think it’s totally different to dressmaking but I’m not sure if it’s harder… just different… I hope! I will definitely let you know when I take the plunge!


  10. If you learn how to finish one project before starting another please let me know.

    As for fabric buying – I read somewhere that, at some point, you reach a threshold where the amount of fabric you own is more than you could possibly get through in your lifetime so that’s when to stop. As I’m knocking on a bit I have reached and passed that threshold several times over and still haven’t stopped.

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    • Haha will do but don’t hold your breath!
      I hope I haven’t reached my threshold – that’s quite worrying! Well at least I have a keen daughter to use it if I don’t!


  11. You have been busy! That little embroidery is so sweet. I too sometimes have problems buying the right fabric, I get carried away with the look of it without thinking about how it will actually work as a skirt/top/dress!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you and I’m glad I’m not the only one. I find it hard to visualise fabric as garment – well I think I’m getting better thankfully but still it doesn’t come naturally!


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