A “Simple” Sleeveless Top

Here’s my second (and last) polka dot top of late; the ‘simple sleeveless top’ from Lauren Guthrie’s Learn to Sew with Lauren book. My first make out of the book! I’ve had it since February – why has it taken me until now to use it?!

Anyway here she is…

Lauren Guthrie Simple Sleeveless Top

For this pattern I did a Small Bust Adjustment. I’m glad I did because it fits nicely in that area.

Lauren Guthrie Simple Sleeveless Top 1

No sewing project is a project without a little mistake, though – is it? I didn’t think about the fact thatย a SBAย shortens the front piece a little. So I should have mirrored that on the back. All I had to do was chop off the excess but, really, I shouldn’t have had to do that!

SBA error in length!

The only problem I have with this top is the neckline. It’s too big. It’s not the bias binding; it was gaping when I tried it on before binding it. The odd thing is that the neckline measures practically the same as my GBSB top I showed you a few days ago.

GBSB Shell Top & Lauren Guthrie Top

It’s the same front and back. I’m thinking that it’s because the straps don’t stay where they should be on me. Why that is though – I don’t know!

Lauren Guthrie Simple Sleeveless Top (Neckline)

I guess it’ll be a quick fix for next time; just take chunks out of the pattern pieces. Thinking about it now, I suppose I could have added some darts or something into this one. Oh well. It’s not too bad really; I can live with it. I have worn it twice this week so that says a lot!

For the most part, this was a quick and simple sew. However I faffed about with a lot of bias binding – I bound the seam allowances as well as the neckline and armholes. The binding on the seams is sewn with the wiggliest sewing ever. But who cares?

Lauren Guthrie Simple Sleeveless Top

I also spent a bit more time on the hem; I used the blind hem foot on my machine for the first time ever! It came with my machine so I’ve had it, what… six years… and have never used it. Turns out it’s pretty good! You can still see tiny stitches – it’s not as blind as doing it by hand. But it’s better than a line of stitching as in a regular hem. It’s quite a skill to ensure that the needles hits the fabric right on the fold every time – I missed a couple of times! But the hem still holds up so all’s fine.

Lauren Guthrie Simple Sleeveless Top (Blind hem)

Now I’m done with tops for the time-being; it’s time to make a dress I think! ๐Ÿ˜€

Beth x

20 thoughts on “A “Simple” Sleeveless Top

  1. Hi!
    It looks so pretty on you. I didnt know until i read it that you had problems with the neckline.
    Cutting off a little to make an acute angle between the shoulders and the arms might help. If the angle is 90 deg, you may take 10 deg or more from it. Just thinking it might help.

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  3. I also have a blind hem foot that came with my machine which I’ve never used. The hem looks good, I think it’s time for me to give it a go as well! Great top ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. It looks to me like you need to take a wedge out of the centre front of the pattern which will help it lie flat against your upper chest. You can do this and open up the bust dart slightly to absorb it, before you do the SBA (which I am not sure you need). It really is worth getting a shell top to fit properly as it is such a useful garment.

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