GBSB Baby Girls Dress

I have to share show off my latest achievement. I am so in love with it, I can hardly believe I actually made it! I think it’s so adorable. My little model is just a little happy with it too!

Elephant dress - on model, happy

I couldn’t resist the darling elephant print fabric when I spotted it in my local fabric shop. It was crying out to be made into something for my toddler.
So when I spotted the cute ‘Baby Dress and Knickers’ pattern in the Great British Sewing Bee ‘Sew Your Ownย Wardrobe’ย book, I knew it was going to have to be a that!

P1070271 P1070277 P1070275

The pattern is quite basic. It just needs one front piece with a little pleat in the middle, two back pieces, and four collar pieces. I love the little collar. I followed the instructions at the beginning but after binding the armholes I used the idea of my friend Becky (over at Handmade Blossom Tree) to bind the edges of the collar instead of following their instructions. This makes them stand out more, since I wanted it all in the same fabric.

There came my first little mistake. My stitching was even along the bias tape on the right side up, but it didn’t run along in the right place all the way underneath. This would have been ok but the thing is I put both collars through the same way, so one needed flipping over. Hence one has a neat stitch line and one has a scruffy one. Oh well, you can’t really see… Handmade with love!!


After that debacle I stitched the collar in place and took my time stitching binding around all the edges besides the hem (mainly because I didn’t have enough… This was left over from when I made my baby towel). I learned from my mistake and made sure I topstitched on the right side!


Then all that was left to do was add six buttons and buttonholes… I used the machine for the buttons which was fun, and the buttonholes went in OK, once I unpicked the one I did before remembering to pull the buttonhole lever down…

Elephant dress - on model, back

Job done! I hope to make more of these.

As you can see in the image of the book, the pattern actually came with some little knickers too. I’m having problems with these though… I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to make the casing around the leg holes. The knickers are one piece, which makes it difficult to fold the fabric up around the leg holes as it’s all curved. I can fold once a few mm’s but not twice to make a casing. If you have any tips please get in touch! I’d really like to have the knickers to match!

Beth x

9 thoughts on “GBSB Baby Girls Dress

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  2. I love the dress-so cute(both the dress and model!). The fabric is gorgeous. I’ve been thinking about buying this book for a while now and you’ve just convinced me


    • Aw thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t actually own the book, I used my friend’s, but now I need to buy it too! After only one make!
      The fabric is just a polycotton so cheap, I’m really pleased. I need more!
      Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚
      Beth x


  3. Hi Beth!
    What an adorable little dress – and your little girl is so cute!
    I’ve not done any dressmaking yet, but re the knickers: I’m assuming the casing is to insert elastic? I’ve read about fold over elastic, that I believe you fit in the same way as binding. Perhaps you could use this instead?
    Rose xx


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