GBSB Pleated Skirt – the tartan one!

So yesterday I showed you my “practice run” on the GBSB box pleat skirt.

Today’s the day for you all to see the “real deal” which is my sister’s tartan version. This post will mostly let the pictures do the talking!


GBSB tartan pleated skirt

My practice run was actually useful because after coming to the conclusion that I’d rather it was a size smaller, I made this one a size smaller than my sister’s measurements would have indicated. And it fits lovely (which was a huge relief!)

This skirt took me three evenings as opposed to the two my own one took me. Any guesses as to why? Oh, the fact that I caused myself such a massive job with all the pattern matching!?!

Of course first I cut the fabric out in order for it to match, which takes longer. And then I spent two evenings matching those goddamn stripes! But, yeah, it was worth it! This is the side seam with no zip in:

GBSB tartan pleated skirt

I actually recut the waistband because with the first one I cut, I totally didn’t think about how it’d match. Second go, I cut it extra long so that I could shift it along until it matched. That saved a bit of time!

And then I spent hours in front of the telly, tacking and untacking, tacking and untacking… until the patterns matched as perfectly as they were going to!

GBSB tartan pleated skirt

The skirt has a lapped zip. I’m pretty impressed with my pattern matching across the zip!

GBSB tartan pleated skirt

And it’s on a curve, too!

GBSB tartan pleated skirt

And finally this is the back. I have to say I think the pattern lends itself well to the tartan. Pleats and tartan – just meant to be, isn’t it?

GBSB tartan pleated skirt

How’s my pattern matching at the back? 😛

GBSB tartan pleated skirt

I hope my sister treasures it, because I won’t be making one again! At least that’s what I thought just after I finished it. Now time’s passed and the pain is wearing, I’m changing my mind; I might make another one day. A bit like having babies, haha!

Beth x

31 thoughts on “GBSB Pleated Skirt – the tartan one!

  1. What a lovely sister you are – I hope she wears it to death after all that effort! Well done on your determination to get the pattern matching and pleats just so – it makes all the difference:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 🙂 Hmm I’m not sure if they did make them easier… Because they were marked out already, it actually worked out quite well with where they were placed, I just moved them a few mm’s to match up. If that makes any sense at all!!


  2. It’s amazing Beth, Abi would love one of those, she is often bemoaning the fact that all the lovely tartan skirts in the shops are just too short! I’m not too sure if I have the patience for all that pattern matching though! You have done a fantastic job, I shall be watching to see how long it takes for you to get over the pain and make another 😉 x

    Liked by 1 person

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