2016 Sewing Goals (& a check on 2015!)

Now we’re over half way through January I guess I should make some goals!

But first let’s have a look at my progress last year. My goals in Jan ’15 were:

  • Sew something every week.

Well I definitely achieved this. I haven’t stopped!

  • Use A LOT of the fabric from my stash before buying new.

HA! Totally went backwards on this – now I look back, I didn’t really have much fabric. Now my mountains are growing very tall. Oh my goodness I need to get sewing and stop buying. Of course I have a stash for my business, too – that’s separate. I have a box (overflowing) for Pink Bobbins. A box (overflowing) for dressmaking. And a big bag for anything that’s not dressmaking (overflowing). I buy fabric every week without fail. Ooops!! I may need to renew this goal…!

  • Make a quilt.

Didn’t do this. Where did the year go?! I really want to though. Must make a start.

  • Refashion a few items I have hanging around

I did some. These are my toddler fairytale jeans! A wears these loads – gutted they are really too short for her now! Hmm, I should upcycle them again; add something to the hems.

Ladies jeans to toddler's jeans

  • Make my daughter a costume for World Book Day

YES! I did this! (The post is here if you’re new and want to see!)

Elmer Dressing Up Outfit for World Book Day

  • Sew with knits. Make a Coco dress and/or top like everyone else in the sewing world!

Yep, I’ve sewn a lot of knitted clothing this year. I made two Cocos!


  • Try some embroidery.

I mentioned in my 6 month check that I had done some, yay! I need to finish the back of it, though.

embroidered two little birds

  • Learn more about different fabric types.

I know so much more now about different fabrics. There’s still a lot that I’ve never worked with; but I feel a lot more knowledgeable than I did this time last year. Hoorah 🙂

The last goal was half a joke…

  • Finish a project before starting another one!!

Ermm…. no. Totally didn’t achieve this. I have a few UFOs…. I think they will remain UFOs for some time yet, too. I even mentioned one just now; I need to finish that embroidery hoop I made many moons ago.

OK, so 2015 wasn’t too bad, was it? It’s a shame I didn’t make a quilt, that’s really bad of me. I even know what type of quilt I can make with scraps, I have the idea, I think it was on Tialys’s blog.

Now, 2016 goals. Just a few.

  • MAKE A QUILT!!!!!
  • Participate in more challenges on The Monthly Stitch (thanks Teresa AKA NavyBlueThreads for the idea!!) This will start in February!
  • Make some tailored trousers. (I have the fabric (of course haha), I have the pattern! Spoiler: It’s a new Simple Sew one. I will make these soon!)
  • Make another World Book Day outfit. Better get my thinking cap on.
  • Make (or work on) something for myself or my own girls once a week. This is an important one for me as I don’t want my business taking over the enjoyment of sewing for myself.

That’ll do. I hope they’re achievable. If I don’t make the quilt this year, I give you all permission to unfollow this blog. Shame on me. Haha 🙂

Beth x

23 thoughts on “2016 Sewing Goals (& a check on 2015!)

  1. Some realistic goals there! My first ever quilt was made in one day and I really enjoyed making it. Buy some lovely fabric especially for it and you’ll look forward to it! Good luck (but it really doesn’t matter if it get done does it!)

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  2. Not bad at all Beth! 🙂 Sometimes priorities just change too so don’t beat yourself up too much for not achieving all of them. I’d love to have a go at a quilt too, but know that time isn’t really on my side for this one at the moment…

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  3. Nice goals! I like making goals… and if I don’t meet them all they just stay on the list! I am sure you will get that quilt in this year! Simple is the way to go. My first quilt- way back in the 90’s was done with the Quilt in a Day method- I made the log cabin one. And the quilt top WAS made in a day!

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    • Ooh that’s good to hear! I like to make achievable goals (that comes from studying, goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited lol) so I get that good satisfaction feeling!!

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  4. Worthy goals, indeed. And I’d say you’ve done a great job with 2015 goals. One of my goals (unpublished) is also to participate more in Monthly Stitch. We shall see. And I’ll bet you’ll be working on that quilt pretty soon. 🙂

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